OverDrive Updates effective August 4th

Overdrive App

Updates coming to the OverDrive eBook and Audiobook Service

Suspend a Hold — Don’t need a book/audiobook right away? Do you want it for vacation, a lesson plan, or something else at a later date? Suspend a hold and have the item ready when you are.

Hold Auto-Check Out — Have a book on hold? Don’t check you’re email very often? Have OverDrive automatically checkout your item when it becomes available.

Maturity Settings — Are children books coming up when you search for items? Don’t want adult titles in your children’s search results? You will now be able to select these options in Account Settings.

Recommended for You — Browsing for something good to read/listen to? OverDrive will now recommend titles for you based on what you have checkedout or on hold.

Improved Search Results — Searching will now be more accurate with fewer results.