Adult League Information

The Winona Park & Recreation Department offers several adult leagues during the year:

  • Softball: Men’s, Women’s & Co. Rec.-Registration begins in January.
  • Basketball: Men’s-Registration begins mid September
  • Volleyball: Co-Rec registration begins in July, Men’s and Women’s registration begins mid October
  • Kickball: Co-Rec registration begins in July
  • Broomball:   Co-Rec registration begins mid October

If you are not a manager of a team from the previous year and would like to get a team started, contact our office at 507-457-8258 to be added to the mailing list.


Adult Volleyball for Tuesday, January 10th, is still on as scheduled.

2017 Adult Sports Calendar

CANCELLATION LINE:  507-457-8220 after 4 pm

Weekly Press Release 1-11-2017

Mens Basketball

STANDINGS:   Jan 13, 2017

Managers booklet/rules/info.

Division-I/II Schedule

Division III Schedule

Team conduct eligibility policy

Co-Rec Kickball


Division I Kickball Schedule & Rules

Division II Kickball Schedule & Rules

CR Kickball Rule Clarification Memo

Co-Rec Volleyball

 CR Volleyball Managers Booklet


CR Division I Volleyball Schedule

CR Division II Volleyball Schedule

CR Division III Volleyball Schedule 

CR Division IV Volleyball Schedule

Womens Volleyball

STANDINGS as of:  Jan 11, 2017

Women VB Division I Schedule

Women VB Division II Schedule

Women VB Division III Schedule

Women VB Division IV Schedule

Women VB Info. BOOKLET

Mens Volleyball

STANDINGS AS OF:  Jan 12, 2017

Men VB Division I Schedule

Men VB Division II Schedule

Men VB Division III Schedule


Co-Rec Broomball

FREE Pick-up Games Information

Unique Rules of Co-Rec Broomball

Womens Softball



Women’s Div. I & II Schedule

Non-Approved Bat List

Mens Softball



Men’s Div. I Schedule

Men’s Div. II & III Schedule

Men’s Div. IV Schedule

Men’s Div. V Schedule

Men’s Div. VI Schedule

Men’s Div. VII Schedule

Men’s Div. VIII Schedule

Non-Approved Bat List

Co-Rec Softball


Co-Rec. Div. I Schedule

Co-Rec. Div. II Schedule 

Co-Rec. Div. III Schedule 

Co-Rec. Div. IV Schedule

Non-Approved Bat List