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Summary of New Building Code Updates

Please click below for 2015 Building Code Updates:

Weed Removal Ordinance


City Ordinance Chapter 32, Section 32.03 states that it is unlawful for any owner, tenant or occupant or agent of any occupied or unoccupied lot or land or any part thereof, to permit or maintain any such lot or land, or on or along the sidewalk, street or alley adjacent to the same between the property line and the curb or middle of the alley or for 10 feet outside the property line if there is no curb, any growth of weeds and/or grass, brush or other rank vegetation to a greater height than six (6) inches on the average or any accumulation of dead weeds, grass or brush which may conceal filthy deposits of garbage and refuse and provide harborage for rodents, provided that in those blocks that are 25% developed or less, weeds, etc., shall be cut at least once during the growing season at the discretion of the weed inspector.

Section 32.03(c) also states that it shall be the duty of any owner, tenant or occupant or agent, of any lot or land or any part thereof, to cut and remove or cause to be cut and removed all such weeds and /or grass, brush and rank vegetation as often as may be necessary. Compliance shall be considered as the cutting and removing of such weeds and/or grass, brush and rank vegetation at least once every three weeks, between May 15 and September 15.

Upon failure to observe the notice served, the City Weed Inspector may proceed pursuant to the law and have the weeds and/or grass, brush or other rank vegetation destroyed by such method and as he finds necessary at the expense of the owner. In addition to the cost of removal, the owner will be charged a $60.00 administrative fee.

Street Resurfacing Map 2015

Locations that the City will be doing street resurfacing in 2015

2015 Street Resurfacing Map

Corridor Improvement Study Draft

Broadway-Huff-Main Corridor Improvement Study Draft

Ash Tree Removal Program 2014


Office of Public Works-Keith Nelson



DATE:           October 9, 2014

SUBJECT:    2014 Ash Tree Removal Program

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has now become a major concern in Winona. It is in the process of spreading and killing most ash trees in the community. The City Council has adopted a policy of ash tree management in public parks and on city boulevards. That policy takes an approach of making a gradual transition away from public ash trees. A percentage of the trees were treated and will need to be retreated for as long as the tree is desired to be preserved. The other public ash trees are being removed in groups. We have begun in areas where the EAB is known to have infested other ash trees. The group of 100 trees scheduled for removal in 2014 has been marked with a green line around the trunk. Removal should be completed prior to December 31, 2014. The stumps will be removed as well and topsoil and seed will be put in their place.

The City Council has approved funding for the purchase and planting of a diversity of trees in 2015. Property owners adjacent to the trees being removed will be allowed to request one of those trees to be planted on the boulevard. They can’t be planted in the exact same spot as the tree removed because the root system remains, but another nearby location will be considered. It is unknown at this time how many trees we the City will be able to purchase and plant but we will try to accommodate your requests for replacement trees.

If you have taken measures to chemically treat the ash tree on the boulevard in front of your home and wish to continue doing so, please contact the City as shown below with the location of the tree.

Please contact Keith Nelson at 507-457-8269 or [email protected] with any further questions.

To request a replacement tree, please contact Paul Douglas at 507-457-8255 or [email protected].

Emerald Ash Borer Update 4/2014


DATE April 18, 2014
Assistant City Manager for Public Works
SUBJECT: Emerald Ash Borer

It has now been confirmed that the Emerald Ash Borer has been discovered in a privately owned Ash Tree within the Winona city limits. The EAB was earlier found in SE Minnesota in 2011 and its spread in the region had been anticipated. Private property owners will be responsible for the removal of Ash trees that become infested and to dispose of them within Winona County. The County is under a state quarantine that prohibits untreated hardwood, including Ash tree firewood, from leaving Winona County. A public disposal site will be made within the City of Winona for local residents. Contact Winona Public Works at 507-457-8269 for the location.
In 2012 the Winona City Council approved an Ash Tree Management plan that created a plan for chemically treating up to a third of the Ash trees on public boulevards and parks. The initial application occurred in 2012 and 2013, and will need to be repeated every three years for an undetermined length of time. Additionally the City has begun a program of removal and replacement of many of the remaining boulevard Ash trees. In 2013 one hundred Ash trees were removed with the same number of trees from a variety of species being planted in their place. That program will not continue in 2014, but will be considered again in 2015.
Removal and replacement, or ongoing chemical treatments are options for property owners to manage privately owned Ash trees. The spread of the EAB is anticipated to occur slowly for the next year or two and then to accelerate quickly thereafter. Prompt removal of infested trees may slow down the spread to other trees in the community and is encouraged.

For further information contact the Winona Public Works Department:
[email protected]

Keith A. Nelson
Assistant City Manager for Public Works
City Hall, Room 200
207 Lafayette St. Winona, MN 55978

Reporting Street Light Outages

Street Lights Out:

If you notice a street light that is out in the City of Winona, you can contact Xcel Energy yourself by calling 800-960-6235 or report the outage online  at:

Otherwise, please feel free to contact the Public Works office at 507-457-8269 with the location of the light and the issue with the light, and we will report it for you.

Decorative lights that are downtown need to be reported to the City, so please call Public Works at 507-457-8269 to report those as well.

MNDOT Hwy 43 Bridge Project Information

MN Department of Transportation

To view a video of the bridge demonstration please click on the link above and go the the Public Meetings tab.

Under the EA Public Meetings, click on the link to video of bridge layout.  This will give you a realistic view of what the bridge will look like.