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Emerald Ash Borer Update 4/2014


DATE April 18, 2014
Assistant City Manager for Public Works
SUBJECT: Emerald Ash Borer

It has now been confirmed that the Emerald Ash Borer has been discovered in a privately owned Ash Tree within the Winona city limits. The EAB was earlier found in SE Minnesota in 2011 and its spread in the region had been anticipated. Private property owners will be responsible for the removal of Ash trees that become infested and to dispose of them within Winona County. The County is under a state quarantine that prohibits untreated hardwood, including Ash tree firewood, from leaving Winona County. A public disposal site will be made within the City of Winona for local residents. Contact Winona Public Works at 507-457-8269 for the location.
In 2012 the Winona City Council approved an Ash Tree Management plan that created a plan for chemically treating up to a third of the Ash trees on public boulevards and parks. The initial application occurred in 2012 and 2013, and will need to be repeated every three years for an undetermined length of time. Additionally the City has begun a program of removal and replacement of many of the remaining boulevard Ash trees. In 2013 one hundred Ash trees were removed with the same number of trees from a variety of species being planted in their place. That program will not continue in 2014, but will be considered again in 2015.
Removal and replacement, or ongoing chemical treatments are options for property owners to manage privately owned Ash trees. The spread of the EAB is anticipated to occur slowly for the next year or two and then to accelerate quickly thereafter. Prompt removal of infested trees may slow down the spread to other trees in the community and is encouraged.

For further information contact the Winona Public Works Department:
[email protected]

Keith A. Nelson
Assistant City Manager for Public Works
City Hall, Room 200
207 Lafayette St. Winona, MN 55978

Levee Park Vision Plan Comments


Vision Plan link:

*Please note that the consultant is making minor edits to the plan at this time.

To comment on the plan, please click hereAll comments received will be compiled and provided to the City Council along with the Levee Park Committee’s recommendations for next steps.  The Committee anticipates making recommendations to the City Council by June, 2014.

Questions: Contact Chad Ubl, [email protected] or (507) 457-8258.

Statement from Levee Park Committee Chair:

Regarding the Levee Park Vision Plan, the committee supports the general concept of re-balancing flood protection with the community’s connection to the river, but recognizes that the consultant from the University of Minnesota Center for Changing Landscapes proposes very significant changes to the flood protection system. It’s important to emphasize that this is a vision plan for the park – it is not a construction document.  As with any large project like this, what is ultimately constructed contains important elements and concepts of the vision, but the details often differ.  This is why public input is so important – we want to know what the community feels are the most important parts of this project – so that we can emphasize them moving forward.


Notice to Utility Customers 2/13/2014

Notice to Utility Customers 2/13/2014

Tips on How to Prevent Frozen Water Pipes

The City of Winona Water Department has been receiving an increase in calls with customers having frozen pipes, meters, or service lines.  Due to the frost extending down in the ground four feet or more, there have been two water main breaks in the past two weeks.

The City of Winona Water Department would like to inform the public of ways to try to prevent frozen faucets, meters and water lines.   This advice is especially important for residents that have a history of frozen lines.

  • Let a small stream of water run from a faucet to prevent freezing of the water lines. The extra cost of the water during this coldest of times will be better than the hundreds to thousands of dollars that a service repair would be.
  • Be aware of where the water meter and main shut off valve is located in your residence. The area where the meter is should be kept free of cold drafts with at least some type of warmth and the valve accessible in case of a leak to be able to shut off the water.
  • If you need any assistance or if you have questions in regards to your service or meter feel free to call our office for help. Our number is 457-8272 from 7:00 to 3:30 and after hours we can be contacted in emergencies through the LEC at 457-6302. 

Robert M. Dunn

Water Department Superintendent

Winona Transit Service 2014

Announcing Saturday Service!

Starting Saturday, February 1, 2014

  • Buses run 9:05 am – 5:05 pm
  • Buses run on the four regular routes (Blue, Red, Green East & Green West)
  • Fares are the same as Monday – Friday

For information on routes, call 507/454-6666

Winona Transit Service Map and Schedule 2014

Reporting Street Light Outages

Street Lights Out:

If you notice a street light that is out in the City of Winona, you can contact Xcel Energy yourself by calling 800-960-6235 or report the outage online at:

Otherwise, please feel free to contact the Public Works office at 507-457-8269 with the location of the light and the issue with the light, and we will report it for you.

Decorative lights that are downtown need to be reported to the City, so please call Public Works at 507-457-8269 to report those as well.

MNDOT Hwy 43 Bridge Project Information

MN Department of Transportation

To view a video of the bridge demonstration please click on the link above and go the the Public Meetings tab.

Under the EA Public Meetings, click on the link to video of bridge layout.  This will give you a realistic view of what the bridge will look like.

Current Openings on City Boards & Commissions

Current Openings as of 3/2014
    • Heritage Preservation Commission- 2 positions
    • Cable TV Commission- 2 positions
    • Recreational Waterways- 2 position
    • Citizens Environmental Quality Committee- 2 positions
    • Human Rights Commission- 1 Position

Learn more about these committees and positions here »


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