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General Notice to Cut and Remove Weeds May 15 through September 15, 2016


Notice is hereby given under Section 32.03 of Chapter 32 of the Code of the City Of Winona, Minnesota, it is unlawful for any owner, tenant or occupant or agent of any occupied or unoccupied lot or land or any part thereof, to permit or maintain any such lot or land, or on or along the sidewalk, street or alley adjacent to the same between the property line and the curb or middle of the alley or for 10 feet outside the property line if there is no curb, any growth of weeds and/or grass, brush or other rank vegetation to a greater height than six (6) inches on the average or any accumulation of dead weeds, grass or brush which may conceal filthy deposits of garbage and refuse and provide harborage for rodents, provided that in those blocks that are 25% developed or less, weeds, etc., shall be cut at least once during the growing season at the discretion of the weed inspector.

Section 32.03(c) also states that it shall be the duty of any owner, tenant or occupant or agent, of any lot or land or any part thereof, to cut and remove or  cause to be cut and removed all such weeds and/or grass, brush and rank vegetation as often as may be necessary. Compliance shall be considered as the cutting and removing of such weeds and/or grass, brush and rank vegetation at least once every three weeks, between May 15 and September 15.

Upon failure to observe this General Notice and any individual notice served, the City Weed Inspector may proceed pursuant to the law and have the weeds and/or grass, brush or other rank vegetation destroyed by such method and as he finds necessary, the expense of which shall constitute a lien and be entered as a tax against the property and be collected as other real estate taxes are collected, or by other means as provided by law.

Any person who shall fail, neglect or refuse to comply with the provisions of any individual notice delivered or sent to him or shall resist or obstruct the City Weed Inspector or person or persons hired by him to cut and remove weeds and/or grass, brush and rank vegetation, shall, upon conviction thereof, be subject to a fine not exceeding $500.00 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding ninety (90) days. In addition to the cost of removal, owner will be charged a $60 administrative fee.

Mark Peterson, Mayor, City Of Winona

Protective Inspection Department

Inspections Department

Winona Grade Separation Study Final Report

Winona Grade Separation Study__Final Report

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Current Openings on City Boards & Commissions

Current Openings
    • Heritage Preservation Commission– 1 positions
    • Cable TV Commission– 2 positions
    • Recreational Waterways– 1 position
    • Citizens Environmental Quality Committee– 4 position
    • Human Rights Commission– 2 Positions

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Corridor Improvement Study Draft

Broadway-Huff-Main Corridor Improvement Study Draft

MNDOT Hwy 43 Bridge Project Information

MN Department of Transportation

To view a video of the bridge demonstration please click on the link above and go the the Public Meetings tab.

Under the EA Public Meetings, click on the link to video of bridge layout.  This will give you a realistic view of what the bridge will look like.