Permits & Fees

Building Permits

Building Permit Application (PDF) or Fill-in-Form


Siding Permit (Use Building Permit Application)
Window Permit (Use Building Permit Application)
Roofing Permit Application (PDF) or Fill-in-Form

2014 Building Fees 
Fee:  $62.00
Fee:  $62.00
Fee:  $62.00

Plumbing Permits

Plumbing Permit Application (PDF) or Fill-in-Form

2014 Plumbing Fees

Mechanical Permits

Mechanical Permit Application (PDF) or Fill-in-Form

2014 Mechanical Fees

Fire Sprinkler Permits

Application (PDF)

Fee: $57.00 or 2% of Job Cost Plus .0005 State Surcharge

Moving Permits

Application (PDF) or Fill-in-Form

Fee: $75.75

Board of Adjustment

Board of Adjustment Application (PDF)

Application Filing Fee: $191.00

Sign Permits

Sign Application (PDF) or Sign Application (Fill-in-Form)

Miscellaneous Fees

2014 Miscellaneous Fees (PDF)

Electrical Permits

The City of Winona, Inspections Division does not issue or inspect electrical permits. Please contact the State Electrical Inspector concerning permits and inspections for electrical work using the contact information at the right.

State Electrical Inspector
Dean Schumacher
(507) 765-5455
Call between 7.00 – 8.30 A.M., Monday – Friday

Rental Housing Licenses

Winona Housing Code Chapter 33A requires all rental units within the City limits to be inspected every five years on a renewal program. This is a mandatory inspection to ensure the health and safety of the occupants. Inspection fee will be collected once every 5 years for the certification inspection.

Inspection fee will be charged per the following fee schedule effective January 1, 2012, as adopted by the Winona City Council:

C.C. Section 51 (69)

  • $72/each building
  • PLUS $72/per rental unit in building, or
  • $24.00/per sleeping room in building


Single Family Dwelling

  • $72/building
  • $72/rental unit
  • $144 Total


  • $72/building
  • $144/two rental unit
  • $216 Total

Owner-Occupied Duplex

  • $72/building
  • $72/1 rental unit
  • $144 Total