East Recreation Center, Skate Park, & Neighborhood Park

East Recreation Center


The Purpose of the East Recreation Center is to offer:
Simple, Sincere, Spontaneous Service.

Simple: Our services are well-designed, but not fussy.
Sincere: Our words and actions are honest and caring.
Spontaneous: Our daily routine allows for “un-planned” fun to happen.

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Winona Skate Park

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The Winona Skate Park exists to provide a Safe, Sincere, and Stimulating environment for people on wheels.

Safe: Our policies are reasonable and enforced.
Sincere: Our words and actions are honest and caring.
Stimulating: Our staff’s enthusiasm and encouragement rubs off on others.

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Neighborhood Park

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The purpose of the ERC Neighborhood Park is to provide an Inviting, Inspiring, and Engaging place for people to gather and play.

Inviting: Our park and programs appeal to a wide variety of ages and uses.
Inspiring: Our space spurs imagination and discovery.
Engaging: Our actions/programs engage and build relationships with our neighbors.

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