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Did you know?

  • You are able to make online donations to the library through the Friends at
  • You can receive your library notices via text messages.  Call the Checkout Desk or login to My Account to sign up.
  • We have a charging station for your phones and portable devices.  Thanks to Winona National for sponsoring the station!
  • The library completed its Strategic Plan for 2013-2015.
  • We have WiFi.  Bring your laptops and log on!
  • You can receive pre-overdue library notices via email.  These reminder notices are sent out a couple days prior to when your items are due.  Call the Checkout Desk at 452-4582 to sign up.
  • The library accepts donations of certain types of materials that are in good condition.  Read more in our Donation policy.
  • The Friends Book Sale Cart is loaded with books, movies, and music CDs that are available for purchase everyday.  Need a gift?  Stop by and take a look!
  • You can check out an electric usage monitor to get a better idea of your home electric consumption.

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