022814 026Active Wellness Center:  We take Silver & Fit from Health Insurance Plans.  Our gym has experienced, certified staff available for training and monitoring, older adult friendly exercise equipment.  Work out programs designed specifically for each individual.


Nia:  Connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit through music.  Emphasis on stretching, strengthening, flexibility, agility & balance.

Zumba Gold:  Easy to follow Zumba choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion, coordination, cardiovascular, muscular conditioning and flexibility

Jani’s Fitness for Women:  Cardio, strength training and flexibility exercises.

Hand Massages:  Improve circulation, relieve tension in tendons and increases flexibility.  Reduces stiffness, relieves anxiety, pain and just plain feels good.

T’ai Chi & Chi Gong:  IMG_0561

Moving meditation, improve balance, increase flexibility, promote cardiovascular fitness.

Strength & Balance:  Regain and maintain balance with strength training and coordination exercises

Yoga Mat:  Standing, flowing movements, floor stretching, strengthening and relaxationDSCN4697

Yogalates:  A combination of modified Hatha yoga and Pilates to develop and increase flexibility, strength, good posture, vivacity and mental awareness.

Blood Pressure Checks:  Licensed nurses perform blood pressure checks

Movin’ & Groovin’:  Moving to 60’s and 70’s tunes while rebuilding strength, flexibility and endurance

Water Aerobics:  Aerobics in a warm water pool, you don’t need to know how to swim, variety of workouts.

PACE (People with arthritis (& others) can exercise):  For individuals who experience joint pain, stiffness, and/or limited range of motion, low impact exercises sitting or standing.

Brain Fitness:  Brain health is more important than ever, optimal brain function is required for quality of life, join us for an innovative approach to brain care with mental stimulation and challenges.

Foot & Nail Clinic:  1 hour sessions made by appointment only, foot assessments, trim and thin nails with special tools-no foot soaks offered by WSU Nursing students.

Health 2 U Project:  Blood pressure, pulse & oxygen levels assessed and vision testing, education topic covered each month, offered by WSU Nursing students

Spinal Health:  Very important to decrease neck and back pain, have your spine analyzed on a spinal machine to see if you are at risk, appointments necessary for a 10 minute consultation and learn how to prevent back pain.

Active Wellness Center Symposium:  AWC students will give a presentation on health related topics, everyone encouraged to come and learn about strength, cardio, flexibility and eating healthy.