Volunteer Opportunities

The Winona Friendship Center has a variety of volunteer opportunities.  The Center is selected as a Retired Senior Volunteer Station and many volunteers are needed to perform light clerical duties, assist in collaborative programs, work in subcommittees, help with special events and recreational programs.  If you would like to help out with any of these opportunities, please email Malia at [email protected].

Student Learning Opportunities

The Winona Friendship Center offers students a chance to work with older adults and gain experience in program administration, planning and client contacts.  Students from WSU and SMU Social Work Program are able to complete their required practicum at the center.  The Winona Friendship Center has been proudly recognized for it’s support of this program.  Students from other fields also choose the Friendship Center to complete required course work.  Winona Senior High and Cotter High Schools send students to the Center for Community Service learning.