Home Buyer Education & Foreclosure Counseling

Purchasing a home may be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, and navigating today’s housing market can seem impossible. Homeownership education is the single most effective tool for achieving successful homeownership. Informed homebuyers are successful homeowners. Home Buyer Education workshops are designed to help the first-time home buyer gain a working knowledge of the buying process, and you have the choice of online or in person classes. HomeStretch workshops offers In-Person homebuyer education in a classroom style, taught by experienced professionals who will prepare you for homeownership, how to avoid scams, choosing the right mortgage, and preparing for your closing.


Home Stretch is an in-person training geared toward helping people understand the homebuyer process.  Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a current owner looking for a refresher, Home Stretch has you covered.

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Financial Counseling

The potential loss of a home through foreclosure is perhaps the most overwhelming circumstance that may be encountered by a homeowner. Threat of foreclosure impacts the family in many ways. The stress of possibly being homeless is crushing. The loss of all the money invested in closing costs and loan payments can create serious financial hardship. A previous foreclosure can make the purchase of another home very difficult.

However, with prompt, appropriate action when problems first arise, foreclosure can sometimes be prevented. Counseling provides homeowners, who expect to or have encountered difficulties making their mortgage loan payments, with free individual counseling from a certified foreclosure prevention counselor. In a confidential setting, the counselor helps the homeowner consider the following:

  • Assessment of their situation
  • Evaluation of available options
  • Development of a recovery plan

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