Rental Housing Licenses

The City of Winona Community Development Office is taking the following steps to reduce the impacts of COVID-19.  Our office is doing rental inspections at this time. We  will be limiting the inspection to a Building Inspector and Owner/Manager of the property. Tenants must not be present. A rental license must be issued prior to the occupancy of any rental property.

Rental Properties

Winona Housing Code Chapter 33A requires all rental units within the City limits to be inspected every five years on a renewal program. This is a mandatory inspection to ensure the health and safety of the occupants. Inspection fee will be collected once every 5 years for the certification inspection.

Not all rental properties may be eligible for a rental license. Please contact Planning & Zoning at 507-457-8250 to determine if the property is eligible for a rental license. Once is has been verified, an inspection will be scheduled with the Building Inspections Department at 507-457-8231.

Obtaining a Rental License or Renewing

  1. If a new rental,  it must be verified by the Planning & Zoning Department that the property can be a rental
  2. A rental license application is submitted by the owner
  3. An inspection of the property by the Building Inspections Department
  4. Fee payment is received
  5. The property must be in compliance with the City of Winona Housing Code

Common Rental Violations

Forms & Ordinance

Rental Housing Map


Inspection fee will be charged per the following fee schedule effective January 1, 2020, as adopted by the Winona City Council, C.C. Section 51 (69), either:

  • $30 per sleeping room in building
  • $83 per each building plus $83 per rental unit in building


  • Duplex - $83 per building plus $166 for two rental unit equals $249 Total
  • Owner-Occupied Duplex - $83 per building plus $83 for one rental unit equals $166 Total
  • Sleeping Rooms- $83 per building plus $30 for one sleeping room equals $113 Total
  • Single Family Dwelling - $83 per building plus $83 per rental unit equals $166 Total