Fire Hydrants

The recent snowfall has left many of the city’s fire hydrants buried and difficult to find. Some property owners are accidentally burying hydrants as they clear snow from their property. Once again, the Winona Fire Department and Winona Water Department are asking for your cooperation in keeping fire hydrants clear of snow.

The city crews are working diligently to clear buried hydrants. This is a difficult and time consuming task. In a fire emergency, having quick and constant water supply will make a tremendous difference in the outcome of a tragic situation.

Adopting a hydrant near your home and keeping it clear of snow could make a difference when seconds count. If you are aware of a hydrant that is buried by the snow and unable to clear it call the Fire Department at 457-8266. Thank you for your cooperation.

Also, the Winona Fire Department would like to remind the public that with the bitterly cold temperatures forecast for the next two days, frostbite can occur in as little as 5 minutes. Please carry with you warm clothes and an emergency kit if you are traveling.