Route Changes for the Winona Transit Service

Public Notice

Route Changes for the Winona Transit Service

The Winona Transit Service will be implementing route and schedule changes on July 1, 2019.  Two routes would run from the west end to the east end, in opposite directions, and will meet at downtown bus hub at 3rd & Center.  A third route would run on the east end of the city, and the fourth would run in Goodview and the west end of Winona.  Two additional transfer points will be added – one near Maplewood Town Homes, and the other one on Menard Road in the east end shopping area.  Each cross-town route will stop at all 3 transfer stops.

The days and hours of service will remain the same.  (Monday through Friday, 6 am – 6 pm, and Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm.)

A map showing the new routes schedule is available online at, using the link below as well as at the City Clerk’s Office.  For further information, contact the Winona City Clerk’s office at 457-8200.

 Dated: May 8, 2019

Monica Hennessy Mohan
City Clerk

2019 Overall Proposed Bus Routes