Winona Poetry Walk

The Fine Arts Commission and the City Planning Department celebrates local creatives by placing their words step by step within our sidewalks alongside our local and regional laureate poets, creating a democracy of verse.  The Winona Poetry Walk project consists of original poetry stamped into the sidewalk throughout downtown.

Poems on the Poetry Walk

The Fine Arts Commission chose to honor the past three Winona Poet Laureates, James Armstrong, Ken McCullough, Emilio DeGrazia and the associate Poet Laureate, Nicholle Ramsey along with the Minnesota Poet Laureate Joyce Sutphen.  In addition, they selected works by Jerome Christenson, Chris Kendall, Lorraine Kilmartin, and Steve Leonhardt.

For more information and a listing of the selected poems and a map of the Walk  click here for a digital copy of the 2020 Poetry Walk Brochure


The Font being used for each of the poems was designed and built by the winning team Creative Visionaries from the Winona State Art and Design Department and is called "WINONA".

This is a picture of the Joyce Sutphen Poem selected for the Poetry Walk