Concrete Permits & Licensing


The City of Winona requires any person constructing sidewalks, driveways, curbing and gutters within the city limits to be licensed with the exception of an owner doing work on their own property.  If an owner is doing work on their own property a homeowners bond is required (see below homeowner bond and permit).

To make application for a Concrete License with the City of Winona you must submit evidence that you are properly trained and skilled in concrete construction along with the following:

Contractor Licensing

Contractor Licensing Documents:

Annual License Fee - $25. Licenses will expire December 31.

All contractors who have been approved and hold a current Concrete License with the City of Winona are placed on the list of approved contractors.  Homeowners are provided copies of this listing in order that they secure qualified contractors.

Contractor Licensing

Guidelines, City Ordinances & Procedures


Minnesota Department of Transportation and City of Winona Specification Details:

Homeowner Bond & Permit

Homeowner Bond and Permit Application (PDF) - This form is for a homeowner who is going to do sidewalk work themselves. The cost is a one time fee of $10 for the permit. This bond must be signed by the homeowner and acknowledged by a Notary Public. There are Notary Publics in City Hall when you come to fill out the application.