Right of Way Permits & Licensing


The City of Winona requires persons who occupy, use, or seeks to occupy or use the right-of-way or place any equipment or facilities in or on the right-of-way, including persons with installation and maintenance responsibilities by lease, sublease or assignment, must register with the city. Registration consist of paying a one time fee and providing the following information.

Contractor Registration

A one time ever $40 fee is charged when you register for Right of Way the first time. No annual fee after that. The license expires on December 31st, 2020.

All contractors who have registered and been approved by the City of Winona to work in the right-of-way have been placed on the list of currently ROW 2020 contractors. In order to remain on this listing, your bond and insurance must remain current at all times.

Subcontractors working within city right-of-way do not need to register; however, they must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance.

City Projects

When under contractor to perform work under a City of Winona or Port Authority contract, an excavation permit is required and fees associated for this work will be waived.

Construction in Boulevard

No fence, raised planter box, trellis, statue, bollard, irrigation or lighting system, or any other structure shall be constructed or located on a boulevard by the property owner.

Permit Fees, Guidelines, City Ordinances & Procedures