Levee Park Boulders

Sandstone and Granite Boulders
Granite Boulder
Sandstone Boulder

Test out your climbing skills on the City of Winona's two manmade boulders! These boulders are free and open to the public and are located on the east end of Levee Park. This style of climbing is known as bouldering and it's a great way to get exercise and try a new sport. If you're a seasoned climber, it's also a great way to hone in your climbing technique and stay fit before moving onto larger climbing projects.

Climbing involves inherent risks.  Your safety is your responsibility!


  • Shoes are required to climb on the boulders.
  • Keep the fall zone clear of items.
  • Climbers may not boulder above or below any other climber.
  • No loose chalk. Chalk must be confined to a chalk ball.
  • Only City of Winona staff and approved volunteers may remove, install, or change the orientation of the holds.
  • Do not jump off the top of the boulders, climb down.
  • Glass containers are prohibited in Levee Park.


  • It is recommended that children under the age of 15 be accompanied by an adult.
  • The use of a spotter is recommended.
  • To avoid injury, remove jewelry, such as, rings, watches, and necklaces.

The Levee Park Boulders were donated by the Recreation Alliance of Winona with funding from the BK5K.