Sugar Loaf Park Climbing Permit Information

All Commercial Guiding Operations and Institutional Groups must have a Climbing Permit issued by the City of Winona Park & Recreation Department in order to climb within Sugar Loaf Park. Sugar Loaf Park has two climbing areas: Sugar Loaf (rock climbing) and the Winona Ice Park (ice climbing).

Climbing Permit Process:

  • Complete the Sugar Loaf Park Climbing Permit Application
    • Please allow 72hrs for Winona Park & Recreation staff to process your application. Once it has been reviewed, an email will be sent out notifying the applicant whether it meets the City of Winona’s guiding standards or not.
  • If the Climbing Permit Application has met the City of Winona’s guiding standards, payment can be made over the phone with a credit card by calling the Winona Park Rec office at 507-457-8258 or our office can send out an invoice via email or USPS.
  • Upon payment, a Sugar Loaf Park Climbing Permit will be issued.

Fee Schedule:

Commercial Guiding Operations

Permit SeasonDatesFee
Winter10/16/21 - 4/15/22$220
Summer4/16/22 - 10/15/22$220
Year (starting in winter)10/16/21 - 10/15/22$396
Year (starting in summer)4/16/22 - 4/15/23$396
Institutional Groups

Permit SeasonDatesFee
Winter10/16/21 - 4/15/22$50
Summer4/16/22 - 10/15/22$50
Year (starting in winter)10/16/21 - 10/15/22$90
Year (starting in summer)4/16/22 - 4/15/23$90