Sustainability and Resilience Plan

The City of Winona is creating its first Sustainability and Resilience Plan — and we want to hear from you!

Why does this matter?

The city wants to create, with the full community, a unified vision of a future sustainable community. The plan is an opportunity to identify targeted policies, programs, and projects that will address both current issues and future environmental concerns. 

The plan will ultimately determine how the city and its elected officials approach sustainability through policy, action and decision-making in the coming years.

And we want to create specific, achievable goals that the city and the community can work toward, on topics like energy use, food, water stewardship, natural areas management, materials and waste, and transportation. Climate change considerations will be interwoven throughout the topic areas.

This plan will help us achieve equitable sustainability, economic resilience, and climate adaptability in the coming years and decades.

Why do you want to hear from me? 

Your feedback and ideas will determine what issues are most important, what projects the city works on first, what goals are set, and how the city can support residents and businesses.You have the power to influence this change!

We want to hear what you’re most affected by, what’s working, what changes you would like to see, and what bold visions and ideas you have for Winona’s future sustainability and resiliency goals and policies.

What’s the timeline?

Engagement will be held through late spring/early summer. We’re hosting stakeholder listening sessions, public engagement, digital activities, and more! Stay in touch at this page and at the city’s and Engage Winona’s Facebook pages to learn more.

Create your hopes and dreams for a future sustainable Winona - and win $100! Learn more about the contest here.

How do I get engaged?

First: Sign up for the project email newsletter here!

Then: Take the survey here!

Next: Stay in touch by visiting this page, the city’s Sustainability Facebook page, and watching for email updates.


John Howard 

Natural Resources and Sustainability

Want to learn more about the plan?

The city is using a triple bottom line approach by applying three core considerations as we develop the plan:

Environmental impact

Understanding and addressing environmental issues and climate change facing the community both in the short and long term.

Economic resilience

Ensuring Winona’s economy is diverse, connected, and has the ability to withstand and even grow during disruption and change.

Equitable outcomes

Ensuring all have equal access and no specific population is unfairly impacted when managing the area’s natural resources and preserving them for future generations.

  1. Materials and waste
  2. Energy
  3. Natural areas management
  4. Food
  5. Water
  6. Transportation

The City desires to help residents and businesses reduce the amount of waste they produce. Winona County coordinates recycling for the county and regulates solid waste hauling, and are a strong partner in this effort. Managing organic wastes such as yard debris and food waste are emerging considerations.