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Investing in our community to create new growth & opportunity in Winona

Cities today each face the same challenge: recruiting new residents, businesses and industries, retirees, tourists, and others while keeping those already there engaged. The City of Winona faces these same challenges. This is why Winona leaders launched an effort known as Opportunity Winona to encourage investment in the downtown area to create new jobs, housing, and commercial activity that are meant to benefit the entire community.   

Opportunity Winona is a series of projects connected by a single vision focused on our city’s downtown that will bring new vitality into our downtown and sustain these improvements for years to come, while creating an environment that fully utilizes existing buildings, develops key sites in the downtown area, and creates public connections that will bring people together in our downtown.

Opportunity Winona is focused on helping create new jobs, housing, and commercial activity in the City's Downtown area.

Established in 2015, Opportunity Winona is charged with revitalizing downtown Winona through public and private investments. The City of WinonaPort Authority of Winona, Winona Area Chamber of Commerce, Winona Main Street, and other community leaders created Opportunity Winona as a way for us to build on what is already working, look at ideas from other communities, and use all of this to help us create the right environment to build towards our future.

Opportunity Winona is one of the partners in facilitating investments in Downtown Winona to support our city as a dynamic place that supports jobs, housing, development and activity.

Winona’s downtown is its connection to its history and the Mississippi River. Opportunity Winona fosters partnerships and brings together resources as never before from a wide array of community businesses, institutions, and governmental entities with a focus on the heart of the city that will make residents proud, encourage visitors to return, and inspire new businesses and residents to set down roots in Winona.

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