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Human Resources

  1. COVID-19 Self Assessment (Beta)
  2. Health Alert

    COVID Health Alert

  1. Employee Incident Report (First Report of Injury)

    Call the Safety Coordinator or Human Resources immediately then complete this form within 24 hours to report any and all work related... More…

  2. Personal Record Change Form

    Please use this form if you have a martial status change, address, phone, name or other change that Human Resources and/or Payroll... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. 2020 Seasonal Employment Application
  2. Commercial Use Authorizations (CUA)
  3. Community Gardens Participant Waiver

    Participant Risk Acknowledgment, Release and Indemnity Agreement

  4. Covid-19 Waiver and Release of Liability

    Covid-19 waiver for Parks and Recreation participants

  5. Informed Consent - Volunteer
  6. LL & ERC Shift Log Form
  7. Short Form Application
  8. Volunteer Application

    Form should be completed in order to be considered as a volunteer for the Parks & Recreation Department.

  1. Active Wellness Center COVID-19 Policy
  2. Community Gardens End of Season Survey 2020
  3. Community Gardens Seed Library Request
  4. Incident Report: Park and Recreation

    Complete this report for City of Winona-related incidents such as: injury, vandalism, assault, theft, behavior, etc. that the... More…

  5. Intent to Return
  6. New Hire Notification Form
  7. Steamboat Days Kiddie Parade 2020
  8. Youth Sports Evaluation

Police Department

  1. Bicycle Registration

    Use this form to apply for a free City of Winona bicycle registration.

  2. Lost Property Report

    The completion of this report will document the loss of personal property other than FIREARMS. If the loss includes Firearms, DO NOT... More…

  1. Gun Permit Submission Form

    The purposes of this form is for citizens to attach a completed MINNESOTA UNIFORM FIREARM APPLICATION and submit to the Winona Police... More…