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Community Development

  1. Subcommittee Signup

    Please note: Subcommittees will be limited to 10-12 members.

  1. Test Complaint Form

Human Resources

  1. Document Upload
  2. Personal Record Change Form

    Please use this form if you have a martial status change, address, phone, name or other change that Human Resources and/or Payroll... More…

  1. New Hire Notification Form

Parks & Recreation

  1. Adult Sports Free Agent List
  2. Athletic Field and Facility Reservation Form

    This reservation form should be used for athletic practices, games, and tournaments.

  3. BWAC Rescue Log Form
  4. Commercial Use Authorizations (CUA)
  5. Covid-19 Waiver and Release of Liability

    Covid-19 waiver for Parks and Recreation participants

  6. Donation Request Form

    Requesting a donation from the Park and Recreation Office.

  7. Incident Form

    Complete this report for City of Winona-related incidents such as: injury, vandalism, assault, theft, behavior, etc. that the... More…

  8. Internship / Practicum Application

    This form must be completed in order to be considered for an experience with the Parks & Recreation Department.

  9. New Hire Notification Form
  10. Park Maintenance Work Request Form
  11. Program Plan
  12. Softball Umpire Availability Form
  13. Sport Equipment & Yard Games Rental Form

    Recreation equipment rentals

  14. Volunteer Application

    Form should be completed in order to be considered as a volunteer for the Parks & Recreation Department.

  15. WFC Bike Club Consent and Release of Information Form
  1. Art & Culture Strategic Plan Summary Public Comments
  2. Bob Welch Aquatic Center Group Request Form
  3. Climbing Permit Application

    Within Sugar Loaf Park there are two climbing areas, there is rock climbing on Sugar Loaf itself and then there is ice climbing at the... More…

  4. Community Gardens Start of Season Survey 2021
  5. Dementia Friendly Educational Booth Survey
  6. Group Paddle Request Form

    Group paddle request for Lake Lodge.

  7. Informed Consent - Volunteer
  8. LL & ERC Shift Log Form
  9. Park Furniture / Tree Donation Application

    Please complete if you wish to donate a tree, park furniture, monetary donation, or other items to the Parks and Recreation department.

  10. Parks and Recreation Contact Form

    Contact Park and Recreation Staff and Departments

  11. Scholarship Application

    Form to be completed if you wish to have a reduced rate for Parks and Recreation programs.

  12. Special Event Application

    This form is designed to assist event planners and City Staff in creating a successful event. This document does not constitute... More…

  13. The Longest Day with the MCA! Survey
  14. Volunteer Survey
  15. Youth Sports Evaluation

Police Department

  1. Bicycle Registration

    Use this form to apply for a free City of Winona bicycle registration.

  2. Lost Property Report

    The completion of this report will document the loss of personal property other than FIREARMS. If the loss includes Firearms, DO NOT... More…

  1. Gun Permit Submission Form

    The purposes of this form is for citizens to attach a completed MINNESOTA UNIFORM FIREARM APPLICATION and submit to the Winona Police... More…

Public Works

  1. Boulevard Tree Planting Request

    Please complete this form if you are interested in having a tree planted on your boulevard.