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Incident Report: Park and Recreation

  1. Type of Incident*

    Check all that apply

  2. Actor #1 Information

    The actor is the victim, aggressor, or other.

  3. Actor #2's information

    The actor is the victim, aggressor, or other.

  4. Parent or Guardian Information

    Complete if the actor is a minor.

  5. Ask "Where were you when this happened?"

  6. Incident Description

    Use facts, describe details not feelings

  7. Ask who, what, where, when, and why from the patron. Say "Tell me what happened".

  8. Did you call EMS or Police?*

    You may pick more than one option.

  9. Give as accurate time as possible

  10. Give as accurate time as possible.

  11. Witnesses

    Attempt to collect information from three witnesses to the incident and describe their involvement in the final Witness Field.

  12. Staff Section

    Reporting Staff should complete

  13. Does this incident require follow-up?*

  14. Describe what needs to be done such as send a suspension letter, call the parents, gather more information, etc.

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