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Park Furniture / Tree Donation Application


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    2. Memorial Park Furniture / Tree Application
    3. Purpose
      To establish guidelines for the consistent decision-making process related to the acceptance, placement and long-term maintenance of public requests for memorial donations in city-owned facilities, parks, natural areas and trail system.
    4. Background
      Memorials gifts have been a welcome and thoughtful addition to the City of Winona’s parks for many years. Historically, the department has accepted these donations without a formal written policy however guidelines are needed for sustainable management of site-appropriate amenities so as not to detract from the visual aesthetics of the surrounding natural environment or place an undue burden on the city.
    5. Management Philosphy
      The protection of the natural environment is a high priority. To this end, the City of Winona Parks and Recreation Department may limit memorials in order to promote resource management and sustainability of natural landscapes. The integrity, natural and architectural features of parks, natural areas, and facilities will be preserved and not detract from a user’s experience. Design specifications will be compatible with existing management and operations plans.
    6. Approval Criteria

      Proposals will be evaluated by Parks and Recreation staff.

      The placement of enhancements in the park system must be compatible with the existing comprehensive park system plan, and/or individual park plans of the City of Winona with the final decision as to location and donation type to be determined by the Parks and Recreation Department and Park Superintendent.

      Memorials shall not detract from or overpower the scenic or architectural values of the existing environment. Memorial donations, which are large in scale, may be considered on a case-by-case basis, as they relate to park planning processes and the CIP process.

      Non-designated monetary memorial donations will be used to meet current needs of the department as recommended by the department director.

      Please know that memorial plaques or other naming designations are not allowed on or near Memorial Trees but are allowed on park furniture.

      The City is not responsible to replace damaged, stolen, or vandalized memorials.

    7. Process

      1. The donor reads this policy and then submits a completed Memorial Donation Agreement Form. Agreements are available in either hard copy form or online.

      2. Parks and Recreation Department will review and determine the appropriateness of the proposal as measured by approval criteria. Department staff will notify the donor of the review decision and identify any final conditions of approval.

      3. Payment in full will be made to the “City of Winona Parks and Recreation” for park furniture donations or to directly to “Winona Nursery” for tree donations.

      4. Plaques are an additional cost. Plaques will be ordered through "La Boutique". Address is 178 Johnson St., Winona, MN 55987. Phone number is (507)452-6531. Email address is size options are 10" x 3" or 12" x 6". Plaques are to be ordered and paid for by the donor.

      5. Once installed, a thank you letter will be issued to the donor that states the donation value and general purpose.