For Residents

Winona is a wonderful place to live and work. The city is situated on the edge of the Mississippi River with numerous recreational opportunities, a wide range of educational choices, and a healthy economic base. Winona has a history of innovation that persists to the present and has more recently been home to a burgeoning arts scene. Click here for a web article about Winona’s businesses and innovation and here for an article on Winona’s arts and culture. Below are links and websites with useful information for those already living in or thinking about living in Winona.

New resident brochure (PDF)

Jobs – Minnesota Workforce Center

Winona is home to one of 50 Minnesota State Workforce Centers which help job seekers find employment, help businesses find workers, and help anyone at any stage explore and plan careers.  The Workforce Center’s website is a good place to start a Winona job search:

Winona Workforce Center

A Place to Live – Southeast Minnesota Association of Realtors

The Southeast Minnesota Association of Realtor’s website can help you find a home and a realtor in the Winona Area.

Recreational Opportunities – Winona Park & Recreation Department

Winona’s Park and Recreation Department coordinates youth and adult activities, programming, and facility rental at the City’s many parks and recreational resources.  The Park and Recreation webpage includes information on parks, trails, special events, and a number of other recreational opportunities.

K-12 Schools

Winona has a variety of options available for K-12 students.  The options include public schools, private schools, charter schools, and focused academic programs such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).  Visit the links below for more information:

Public Schools:

District 861

Charter Schools:

Private Schools: