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Broadway Avenue Project

This project is currently projected to be constructed in the summer of 2021.  This project is primarily intended to improve safety of pedestrian crossings and also make a safer roadway for motorists and cyclist.  The project will convert the current 4-lane road to a 3-lane road with the middle lane being a two way left turn lane.  Broadway Avenue will be reconstructed from Sioux Street to Mankato Avenue.  The project will replace all non-conforming pedestrian ramps and will bring them {Read More}

Presidential Nomination Primary

Presidential Nomination Primary Tuesday, March 3, 2020 This will be Minnesota’s first presidential primary since 1992. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW When you vote in this primary, you must state which one of the two major political parties you are affiliated with: Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) Republican Party (R) If you are not affiliated with either of these parties, or you do not wish to state your party, you will not be allowed to vote. After you sign in, you will {Read More}

City of Winona Snow Removal Policy

City of Winona Snow Removal Policy

Development Code Update