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2020 Candidate Campaign Finance Reports

Mayor Michelle Alexander Report Dated 7/9/2020 Report Dated 7/10/2020 Report Dated 07/31/2020 Ted Hazelton Jovy Rockey Report Dated 6/30/2020 Report Dated 7/30/2020 Scott D. Sherman  Report Dated 7/1/2020 1st Ward City Council Steve Young Report Dated 6/25/2020 Report Dated 7/27/2020 Report Dated 07/31/2020 Christopher G. Meier – Report Dated 7/11/2020 Ty Styx 3rd Ward City Council Pamela Eyden Will Gibson Councilman At Large – Resides in 3rd or 4th Ward Aaron Repinski – Report Dated 7/16/2020 Paul Schollmeier

City launches Wear One For Winona mask campaign

The city has launched Wear One For Winona to encourage all Winonans to wear masks in public places. Wear One For Winona features photos and stories on social media of community leaders and residents choosing to wear masks to slow the spread of COVID-19, protect themselves and their neighbors, keep local businesses open, and many other reasons. The campaign launches as a growing chorus of local, state and national leaders, politicians of all parties, healthcare experts, and others call on {Read More}

Voting locations for August, November elections (with COVID-19 changes)

Some polling locations in the City of Winona have been changed for the August 11 Primary Election and November 3 General Election due to COVID-19. Polling locations have been moved from long-term care facilities to reduce risk of virus to their at-risk residents, as well as from some locations where there was not sufficient space for physical distancing. Residents registered to vote at these locations will receive a postcard in the mail with this new information. Any resident can find {Read More}

2020 Polling Places

2020 Polling Places 1st Ward      1st Precinct                August:  Winona Area Learning Center (ALC)              1299 West Third Street        November:  Westfield Golf Club                                      1460 West Fifth Street 2nd Precinct        Radiant Church                                            850 Highway 14 3rd Precinct        Winona Family Community Center –                               Maplewood Townhomes                            1756 Kraemer Drive 4th Precinct         Faith Lutheran Church                               1717 Service Drive   2nd Ward 1st Precinct         Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts      1164 West Howard (10th) Street 2nd Precinct        West Recreation Ctr.                                   800 W. {Read More}

Grass/Weeds and Removal of Garbage and Abandoned Vehicles

Weed/Grass/Junk and Abandoned Vehicles Notice

June 17: Updates on summer parks and recreation programs, facilities

UPDATES ON SUMMER PARKS AND RECREATION PROGRAMS AND FACILITIES The city’s Parks and Recreation department has been busy planning to reopen facilities and offer as many services and programs as possible this summer while keeping the community safe from COVID-19 spread.  In some cases that has meant the difficult decision to close facilities for the season, like the Aquatic Center. At others, like the Winona Public Library, there’s a blend of virtual and other services. Meanwhile, the city has kept {Read More}

Council approves ordinance to let bars, restaurants, businesses use public outdoor spaces during COVID-19

The Winona City Council has approved an emergency ordinance designed to allow bars, restaurants, and retail and service businesses to temporarily operate in outdoor public spaces adjacent to their business, including sidewalks and parking lanes. The ordinance was created in response to Minnesota’s StaySafeMN order that allows bars and restaurants to reopen on June 1 for drinking and dining in outdoor spaces, which have found to be much safer in limiting the spread of COVID-19. The ordinance will also allow {Read More}

City asks residents to participate in contact tracing

As contact tracing begins to expand in Winona, the city is calling on residents to participate by answering any questions and providing accurate information if they are contacted by county health officials. Contact tracing is the practice of determining who may have come in contact with and possibly been infected by a person who tests positive for the COVID-19 virus. It involves trained public health workers and volunteers reaching out to exposed individuals to warn them and provide information and {Read More}

Garage sales now allowed in Winona; sellers must follow physical distancing, other guidelines

Garage sales are now allowed within the City of Winona, as long as sellers follow certain guidelines and ensure customers practice physical distancing. The city has determined garage sales qualify as social gatherings, as long as sales are not held for more than four consecutive days. Sales must be outdoors, or with an open garage door; no sales inside homes or buildings are allowed Sales must be limited to 10 or fewer customers at any time; sellers are urged to {Read More}

City working on bar, restaurant guidelines for June 1 outdoor dining

The City of Winona is reviewing and considering revisions to ordinances, licenses and guidelines in order to best support bars and restaurants and other businesses, following the state’s announcement that those businesses can open for outdoor/patio dining starting June 1. Guidelines and any proposed changes will be brought to the Winona City Council at its next meeting on Monday, June 1. In the meantime, restaurants are asked to reach out to the Minnesota Department of Health and to review the {Read More}