News & Public Notices

Winona Transit – fare-free for 2020

Winona Transit is now fare-free through the rest of 2020. Drivers will not be collecting fares or cards due to the need to protect the safety of drivers and riders during COVID-19. The Dial A Ride service now runs until 9 pm Monday through Friday. Call us at 507-454-6666 to schedule your ride. Buses are running on normal routes. Schedules have changed: Drivers have eliminated every third route in order to clean and disinfect the buses. Riders are urged to practice {Read More}

COVID-19 Community Information

Last updated: Friday, May 8 STAY CONNECTED Facebook: Like and follow the City of Winona Official COVID-19 News and Information page. Twitter: Follow @CityofWinona Instagram: Follow @cityofwinona General questions: Contact Brian Voerding, City of Winona emergency communications, at [email protected] FIND RESOURCES Winona Resources: full list of community COVID-19 resources, including updates on school and business changes and closures, places for meals and shelter, information on unemployment and social services, and much more. IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW City Hall is closed, {Read More}

Jobs and unemployment information during COVID-19

Last updated: Friday, May 1 COVID-19 has created significant short-term challenges for many local workers who may have been laid off, furloughed, or working reduced hours. The city is committed to sharing accurate, up-to-date information to help connect folks to critical resources during this time.  Something missing here? Anything you can’t find? Try to use the links below to answer your question, but if you’re stuck or looking for something, just reach out – [email protected] MINNESOTA UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS CLICK HERE {Read More}

New rules, guidelines on parks during COVID-19

Last updated: Friday, May 1 LAKE PARK/LAKE WINONA PATHS The paths around East and West Lake Winona remain open to be used in both directions. We appreciate and have looked into residents’ suggestions to temporarily make the Lake Park paths one-way. It just isn’t feasible, given the large number of access points and the ability of or need for many folks to only walk portions of the path. Also, there continues to be a lack of scientific consensus on how {Read More}

Small business resources for COVID-19

Last updated: Friday, May 1 CITY OF WINONA – PORT AUTHORITY The Port Authority of Winona, with partners WNB Financial and Merchants Bank, has launched a loan program for small local businesses disrupted or facing closure due to the pandemic. There are two loan tiers: Loans up to $6,000, and loans up to $20,000. All loans are interest-free, with payments delayed until January 2021. For more information and to apply, follow this link. STATE OF MINNESOTA DEED’s Small Business Guide {Read More}

Sanitary Sewer Concerns Press Release 

Due to possible stockpiling and the resulting shortage of toilet paper as a result of COVID-19 concerns, we have heard of the increased use and flushing of non-flushable materials such as baby wipes, napkins and paper towels. While the “flushable” wipes concern is not new to wastewater facilities, there is an increased risk due to the current lack of availability of toilet paper. We ask that our community members pay extra attention to what they are using and flushing and {Read More}

Winona Poetry Walk

Celebrating local creatives by placing their words step by step within our sidewalks alongside our local and regional laureate poets, creating a democracy of verse. The Font being used for each of the poems was designed and built by the winning team Creative Visionaries from the Winona State Art and Design Department and is called WINONA For a listing of the selected poems, or to enter this year’s competition and more information go to the WINONArts website: Lee Gundersheimer {Read More}