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The Fine Arts Commission will only accept online applications. However, at this time, applications are not currently being accepted.


Winona Fine Arts Commission (FAC) Application Guidelines

Mission: The Winona Fine Arts Commission exists to promote, educate and facilitate efforts concerning the performing, literary and visual arts in the Winona area. The Commission serves as a resource for the community, artists and art organizations, and serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council on arts and humanities initiatives.


The Winona Fine Arts Commission (FAC) will consider requests for funding from individual artists, volunteer groups and non-profit organizations in the Winona area who propose a project that furthers its mission. In the past we have supported festivals, residencies, performances, exhibits, workshops, scholarships to attend educational programs, and other events.

In 2015 the FAC supported the following:  Winona Arts Camp, Transform Music, and the Teen Voices Project.

Funding Criteria

The FAC will consider the following when reviewing applications:

  • Artistic merit
  • Impact in terms of audience reached
  • Geographic area covered (Local events are preferred)
  • If educational, the extent to which scholarship support is requested
  • Whether the proposal generates income for the FAC to fund additional projects
  • Whether the applicant is not likely to or is ineligible to secure funding from other sources
  • If other sources of funding are available, the extent to which those other sources of support have been sought.
  • The amount requested for administrative costs (If more than 15% of the total budget, a 1-1 match for the total project is required.) (Note: In-kind contributions, such as volunteer time, donated supplies and facilities rental may be used as part of the match).
  • Funding up to $1,500.00


The FAC will not consider

  • Projects that have already received a commitment of funds from the City of Winona
  • Events that commit more than 15% to administrative salaries without a 1-1 match for the total proposal
  • Projects that have a religious and/or political agenda
  • Requests from any individual, group or organization that violates the Minnesota Human Rights Act.
  • Events that are in facilities or areas which are not in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act requirements.

The Application Process

Applications will be reviewed by the FAC in March. Those requests selected for funding will be recommended to City Council at the next regularly scheduled meeting. City Council members make the final decision regarding the allocation of FAC funds. Projects must be completed within 18 months of the date of the grant award. Under special circumstances, extensions may be requested. A detailed budget will be required with the online application, the Budget Template can be viewed by clicking here.

Grant Administration

Grant recipients must use funding provided for the specific purpose of the original stated intent. Any major change in an approved project must be communicated to the FAC for approval in advance of making that change. A decision to forego pursuing a project must be reported to the FAC within one week of making that determination.

The City of Winona will require a signed memo of understanding once the F.A.C recommends funding. The signed memo of understanding must be completed prior to the application being forwarded on to City Council. All recipients of F.A.C. funds will be required to submit invoices monthly to the City of Winona in order to spend F.A.C. funds. Applicants who receive F.A.C funds for administrative salary will be required to submit bi-weekly invoices describing project activities and the number of hours spent dedicated to the project. It should be noted that the turnaround for reimbursement is typically two to three weeks.

All projects that receive FAC funds must acknowledge the support of the FAC in all materials distributed about the project (fliers, posters, mailings, etc.), all publicity (press releases, radio announcements, ads, etc.) and at the event, if appropriate.

Reporting Requirements

A final detailed financial and narrative report, including copies of publicity materials, must be presented at a regularly scheduled FAC Commission meeting within two months after the event is held. Any residual funds and/or funds raised on behalf of the FAC are payable to the Commission when the report is made.


At this time, applications are not currently being accepted.
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