Heritage Preservation Commission

Members: Eleven
Appointment: Mayor, with approval of the City Council
Term: Three Years
Opening: July 17
Meets: Second Wednesday of each month
Staff: City Planner
Learn more: Heritage Preservation Commission website


The Heritage Preservation Commission was created by the City Council in 1989 to promote the rehabilitation and conservation of historic properties for the education, inspiration, pleasure and enrichment of the citizens and visitors of Winona.

Membership Criteria

Citizen of Winona and not holding a paid position within the City. The members must include:

  • At least one architect or person experienced in the building trades;
  • At least one professional in the areas of history, architectural history, archaeology, planning, design, building trades, landscape architecture or law;
  • One member from the Winona County Historical Society;
  • One member from the City Planning Commission;
  • Three members with a demonstrated interest and/or expertise in historic preservation;
  • One member from each voting ward in the City.


Winona City Code Chapter 22.27