Housing & Redevelopment Authority

The Housing and Redevelopment Authority was created by authority granted under Chapter 487 of the Session Laws of the State of Minnesota in 1947. The purpose of the Authority is to employ the means necessary to clear, plan, reconstruct, rehabilitate and modernize substandard areas to provide decent, safe and sanitary housing for persons with low income or disabilities. The HRA operates the Maplewood Townhomes and Shaffner Homes as well as Valley View Tower in downtown and Belleview East Townhomes.

Members: Five
Appointment: Mayor with approval of Council
Term: Five Years
Opening: October 4
Meets: Third Tuesday of each month
Staff: HRA Staff
Executive Director Linda Bedtka
[email protected]

Winona HRA Webstie

Member Term Expires
Robert Hively-Johnson
James Kirk
George Borzyskowski 
Margaret Walsh
Matt Hazelton


Chapter 487. Session Laws  of the State of Minnesota 1947