Port Authority

Members: Seven
Appointment: Mayor, with approval of Council
Term: Six Years
Opening: March 18, alternating years
Meets: Second Thursday of each month
Staff: City Manager & Community Development
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The Port Authority was established by the Winona City Council by resolution on March 18, 1968, under the authority of Chapter 541, Session Laws of the State of Minnesota for 1967. The enabling legislation granted the exercise of all powers and duties of Port Authorities in the State of Minnesota to the Winona Port Authority. The Port Authority of Winona is governed by seven Commissioners, two of whom are current City Council members. The City Manager serves as the Executive Secretary for the Port Authority, and other City staff act as the support staff for the Authority. This framework promotes a relationship between the Authority and the City of Winona. In addition, specific requirements of legislation related to the Winona Port Authority requires that the City Council approve all matters such as bond issues; use of eminent domain powers, establishment of industrial districts and a creation of tax increment projects to help ensure that the Port Authority activities are consistent with City policies. Given the powers it has today, the Port Authority can acquire and improve land for industrial and economic development purposes and prepare attractive financing packages enabling industrial location and expansion.

Membership Criteria

Interest in economic development.


Chapter 541, Session Laws of the State of Minnesota 1967