Recreational Waterways Commission

The Recreational Waterways Commission’s charges are as follows:

  • To review compliance with terms and conditions of the agreement leasing the municipal marina to the private operator.
  • To hear suggestions and complaints concerning operation of the municipal marina and to make a good faith effort to mediate the differences between the parties to the complaint.
  • To study recreational boating needs and make recommendations as to how those needs may be met.
Members: Eight
Appointment: Mayor, with approval of Council
Term: Three Years
Meets: As needed
Staff: City Manager or Designee


Membership Criteria

Interest in the municipal marina and recreational boating.

Member Term Expires
Pam Eyden 12/31/2020
Dale Boettcher 7/22/2021
Vacant 7/22/2021
James Bambenek 7/22/2022
Nicholas Lemmer 7/22/2022
Nadine Kanz – Non Voting 7/22/2023
Torry Moore 7/22/2023
Adam Peterson 7/22/2023



Winona City Code Section 22.25