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The City of Winona offers a variety of work opportunities from seasonal employment to careers with potential for individual growth and advancement. The City provides basic services for over 27,000 citizens including public safety, infrastructure, and recreation. We employ 175 regular employees year-round and 200+ part-time seasonal workers throughout the year.

Work here: We offer competitive wages and benefits, generous paid time off, training, education and a fun, family friendly work environment.

Live here: We have a very stable economic base, affordable housing, and wonderful schools for primary, secondary and postsecondary education. Winona is centrally located to mid-size cities  including Rochester, MN and LaCrosse, WI (under one hour away) and large metropolitan areas including Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and Madison, WI (only two hours away).

Recreate here: If you love the outdoors or the arts we have it all! The City owns 3,000 acres of parkland, is located on the Mississippi River and offers a variety of festivals and activities throughout the year. Abundant wildlife fills the region for hunters and photographers. The City hosts numerous festivals including Shakespeare, Beethoven, Frozen River Film, Boats & Bluegrass, Midwest Music Fest and more annually. Casual and competitive athletes enjoy miles of hiking and biking trails, bike friendly streets, Trinona Triathlon, an ice climbing wall, and numerous activities and events coordinated by our own recreation staff. Learn more about recreation in Winona by viewing articles and videos on the Visit Winona website.

Current Employment Opportunities

Select the position you are interested in to learn more and to apply. 

If you have previously applied for a position with the City of Winona, you will need to complete a new application for the position you are now applying for.

Application Data Practices Advisory

According to Minn. Stat. § 13.04, the City must advise you of the following.

Purpose and intended use of the data:

The city collects this information for purposes of selecting a candidate for hire. Your data will be used to evaluate that you meet the minimum qualifications of the position for which you apply. For public safety positions or in the event you are selected for hire, your data will be used to perform a criminal background check, including using the BCA’s website.

Whether you may refuse or are legally required to supply this data: Application for employment as well as supplying any data in the application for employment is voluntary.

Consequences may arise from supplying or refusing to supply this data: We take pride in hiring the best candidates, but we can’t do this without a complete application. Filling out the application is voluntary, and the more complete the application, the better your chances of conveying to the city you are the best candidate for the job. Except for explicitly optional requested information, refusal to provide a complete application may result in immediate disqualification from consideration for a position.


The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (Minn. Stat. §§ 13.01 – 13.90) includes two sections affecting applicants seeking employment with the City of Winona.  First, under “Rights of Subjects of Data” (Minn. Stat. § 13.04), when an applicant is asked to provide information about him/herself, the City must advise you of:

  • The purpose and intended use of the data;
  • Whether you may refuse or are legally required to supply the requested data;
  • Any known consequences arising from your supplying or refusing to supply the data; and
  • The identity of other persons or organizations authorized by State of Federal law to receive the data you provide.

Second under “Personnel Data” (Minn. Stat. §13.43) the following data on you as an applicant for employment by a public agency is automatically public:

  • Your veteran’s status;
  • Your job history;
  • Your education and training;
  • Your relevant test scores;
  • Your rank on our eligibility list; and
  • Work availability.

As an applicant, your name is considered private until you are certified as eligible for appointment to a position or are considered by the appointing authority to be a finalist for a position in public employment.

If you are hired, the following additional data about you will be considered public information:

  • Your name;
  • Your employee identification number (which is not your Social Security number);
  • Your actual gross salary, contract fees, salary range, and actual gross pension;
  • The value and nature of employer paid benefits;
  • The basis for and the amount of any added remuneration, including expense reimbursement, in addition to your salary;
  • You job title, bargaining unit (if applicable) and job description;
  • The dates of your first and last employment with us;
  • The status of any written complaints or charges against you while you work for the City of Winona, regardless whether or not they have resulted in disciplinary action, the final disposition of any disciplinary action and supporting documentation;
  • You work location and work telephone number;
  • Your education and training background;
  • Work-related continuing education;
  • Honors and awards you have received;
  • Payroll timesheets or other comparable data that are only used to account for your works time for payroll purposes: except to the extent that release of time sheet data would reveal employee’s reasons for the use of sick or other medical leave or other non-public data;
  • Your previous work experience.
  • The “complete” terms of any settlement agreement (including buyout agreements) except that the agreement must include the specific reasons if it involves the payment of more than $10,000 of public money; and
  • Your badge number. This data is private if the candidate is applying for or is hired for an undercover law enforcement position.

All data concerning you which is placed in your personnel file and which is not addressed in statute as public data (see above listing) is private data. This private data will be available to you and those members of city staff needing it to process city records. In addition, the following persons or organization are authorized by state and federal law to receive this data if they so request in certain circumstances:

  • The Bureau of Census;
  • Federal, State and County Auditors;
  • The State Department of Public Welfare;
  • The Department of Human Rights;
  • Federal Officials investigating compliance of Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunities;
  • Labor organizations and the Bureau of Mediation Services;
  • Data may also be made available through court order.

With the exception of the optional data requested, the data you provide is needed to identify you and assist in determining your suitability for the position for which you are applying. The optional data is used in summary form by the city’s Affirmative Action Program to monitor protected class employment and meet federal, state and local reporting requirements. Furnishing the optional data requested about you is voluntary.

NOTICE REGARDING SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: This information will be used for payroll taxes, insurance purposes, and retained in the employee’s data record.

NOTICE TO MINORS: Minors from whom private data or confidential data is collected have the right to request that parental access to the private data be denied.

NOTICE REGARDING REQUEST FOR MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE FOR VETERANS’ PREFERENCE DOCUMENTATION: This information will be used for documentation purposes for verifying marital status for requesting applicable spousal Veterans’ Preference

If you have any questions regarding your rights as a subject of data, please contact the City of Winona Human Resources Department at 207 Lafayette Street, Winona, MN 55987. This information is subject to change consistent with subsequent amendments to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act.


City of Winona employees have access to a wide array of benefit plans designed to encourage the well-being of the employee and their family. Benefits include medical and dental insurance as well as programs focused on delivering financial security.

Benefits are available to regular employee’s working 30+ hours per week. Eligible dependents include spouse and children up to age 26.

Health Insurance

Provided through BlueShield BlueCross of Minnesota.

The City of Winona has a High Deductible (HDHP)/Health Savings Account (HSA) health plan. Three plan options are available. Employees can elect single of family coverage.

Dental Insurance

Provided through Principal Financial Group.

The plan offers 100% coverage for preventative services; 80% coverage for basic services and 50% coverage for major services. Orthodontia benefits are available to dependents 19 years and younger.

Medical Funding Accounts
  •  Flexible Spending Accounts

There are three types of flexible spending accounts available to City of Winona employees: Health Care Flexible Spending Account, Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account. Flexible Spending Accounts are managed by 121 Benefits.

  • Health Savings Account (HSA)

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are available to any employee who is enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) through the City or their spouse. HSA’s will be established at Winona National Bank and money will be deposited through bi-weekly payrolls. An HSA account is a triple-tax advantaged account because HSA contributions are tax free (you do not pay income taxes on the money you contribute to an HSA), your HSA earnings grow tax free and disbursements are tax free.

Life Insurance
  • Term Life Insurance Coverage

The City of Winona provides $15,000 of basic life insurance through Minnesota Life Insurance Company for regular, full-time employees. The option to purchase additional voluntary term life insurance coverage for employee, spouse and children is also available.

  • Decreasing Term Life Insurance Coverage

An additional option for life insurance is available through the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) at a low group rate.

No Employee Cash Benefits
  • Employee Assistance Program

Sandcreek Group provides free access to independent, confidential and professional assistance with concerns such as marriage, family, work, financial or many other topics. This benefit is available to employees, spouses and dependent children.

  • Long Term Disability

The City of Winona provides long-term disability insurance through Madison National Life to cover up to 60% of monthly base earnings for employees if they become unable to do their job due to disability.

Other Voluntary Benefits
  • Short Term Disability

Your ability to earn a living affects every aspect of your life, and those who depend on you. Short Term Disability insurance, provided by Madison National Life, is coverage that protects employees if they are out of work as a result of illness, injury, mental disorder, substance abuse, or pregnancy. The cost of the benefit is dependent on the amount of coverage the employee elects which can range from $100 per week to 60% of their base salary per week.

  • Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)

Eligible employees will automatically become members of PERA. The employee and the City of Winona both contribute dollars to PERA. The City of Winona matches over 100% of the employee contribution.

  • Deferred Compensation Plans

Deferred compensation plans are offered through ICMA-RC and Minnesota State Deferred Compensation Plan (MNDCP). Deferred compensation plans allow for employees to invest money pre-tax to prepare for retirement.

  • Roth IRA

Roth IRA plans are offered through ICMA-RC and Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS). Roth IRA plans allow for employees to invest money after-tax to prepare for retirement.

Paid Time Off

The City of Winona offers vacation, sick and compensatory time to all regular employees. Accrual amounts for vacation are based on years of service.  

The City of Winona offers paid holidays. The following days are observed, paid holidays for most City of Winona employees:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
Application Process

You will received notification within 20 days of the closing date regarding the status of your application.

EXAMINATIONS: Applicant must pass each examination in order to proceed to the next step.

  1. Qualifications rating –  pass/fail based on minimum requirements listed
  2. Assessment of application and supplemental questionnaire
  3. Panel interview
  4. Merit Board review and certification of finalists

RESULTS OF EXAMINATIONS: Candidates will be notified by mail or e-mail of initial examination results within approximately 20 days of job posting closure date. Job offers will be made within 20 days of the Merit Board review date.


  • Driver’s license and/or criminal history checks will be conducted for all positions
  • Pre-employment drug screening is required for all positions
  • Medical physical may be required for some positions
Questions may be directed to the Human Resources office at 507-457-8234
Salary Compliance

Minnesota state law – Chapter 156 of the Session Laws of 2005 – requires that “a city or county with a population of more than 15,000 must annually notify its residents of the positions and base salaries of its three highest paid employees”.

For the City of Winona, titles and salaries as of January 1, 2018, are:

  • City Manager – $136,948.76
  • Assistant City Manager – $115,138.61
  • Director of Public Works – $115,138.61
  • Chief of Police – $115,138.61

Minnesota State Statute 43A.17 limits the salary and the value of all other forms of compensation of a person employed by a political subdivision of this state, excluding school districts starting in 2005. The statute establishes that the limits are adjusted on January 1 of each year based on the Consumer Price Index increase. The new limit is equal to the limit for the prior year and increased by the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index for all-urban consumers (CPI-U) from October of the second prior year to October of the immediately prior year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics releases the monthly readings for the Consumer Price Index in the second half of the following month. The October readings are typically released after November 15th, therefore Minnesota Management and Budget will calculate and post the salary limit for the next calendar year in late November of each year. Refer to Subdivision 9 of State Statute 43A.17 for complete text.

If you have questions, please contact our Human Resources department.

Page updated January 21, 2020