FAQs: Water, Sanitary Sewer & Storm Sewer Billing

Frequently asked questions:

High Water Bills
One of the common reasons for high water bills is a toilet leaking. If a customer has a high water bill the water department will come to the customer’s residence to check for this problem, at no charge to the customer.

Winona is divided into three districts. The West End of Winona is district 1, the middle of town is district 2 and the East End of town is district 3. Customers in each district receive a water and sewer bill quarterly. Every water bill includes a basic charge. Even if there is no water consumption, the basic charge will be on the bill. Sewer charges are based a percentage of the water bill.

Estimated bills
To eliminate estimated water bills, an outside register can be installed, at no charge to the customer. An outside register allows the meter readers to submit an automatic reading without entering the residence. The yellow meter card left for the occupant to read the meter would also be eliminated.

2016 Water Rates
2016 Water Rates (PDF)

City Ordinance, 22.17, allows for assessment of unpaid utility bills to a property. All water,  sewer, and storm sewer bills remain with the property, not the person who incurred the expense.