The City of Winona Community Development Office is taking the following steps to reduce the impacts of COVID-19.  Beginning March 17, 2020, we will no longer be scheduling Rental Certification Inspections.  Existing certificates expected to expire, will be extended 3 months.  New Rental Certifications will be reviewed by staff by appointment. 

We suggest you call ahead if you plan to meet with Planning/Inspections at 507-457-8231 or Community Development staff at 507-457-8250

Responsible for issuing building permits, performing inspections of residential and commercial property, and reviewing building plans. Click on the links to the left to contact a staff member for more information.     
A (Four) hour notice is required for all inspections.

Electrical Permits

The City of Winona Inspections Division does not issue or inspect electrical permits. Please contact the State Electrical Inspector concerning permits and inspections.

Brad Thimmesch, 961-4634. Call Monday – Friday between 7:00 – 8:30 a.m. or leave a message.


Permits, Fees & Handouts
Building Permits & Fees

Inspections are required on all permits. Please call 507-457-8231. A FOUR hour notice is required.

2020 Building Fees
Sample Building FeesPlan Review Fee Not Included

Building Permit Fill-in-Form

Roofing/Windows/Siding Fill-in-Form

Moving Permit Application

Building Affidavit Fill-in-Form

Demolition permit process (PDF)
(Demolition Permits Please Use a Building Application)

Building Wrecking Form (PDF)

Solar Permits – Please Refer to the Attached (Solar Permit Checklist)
(Use Roofing Permit Application Listed Above)

Fire Sprinkler Permits Please Contact the Winona Fire Department
451 East Third Street, Winona, MN 55987
(507) 457-8266

Mechanical Permit & Fees

2020 Mechanical Fees

Mechanical Permit Application Fill-in-Form

Plumbing Permit & Fees

All plumbing shall be installed in accordance with the 2015 Minnesota Plumbing Code, Chapter 4714.

2020 Plumbing Fees

Plumbing Permit Application Fill-in-Form

Rental Housing Licenses

Winona Housing Code Chapter 33A requires all rental units within the City limits to be inspected every five years on a renewal program. This is a mandatory inspection to ensure the health and safety of the occupants. Inspection fee will be collected once every 5 years for the certification inspection.

Common Rental Violations

Landlords are responsible to maintain rental units in compliance with codes and laws. This list includes the most common violations/complaints at rental units in the City of Winona. This is not all inclusive, but only the most frequently noted. Please “pre-inspect” your rental units prior to our appointment and routinely during tenancy.

  • Carbon monoxide detectors are required to be installed within 10’ of all bedroom doors.
    Information on Carbon Monoxide
  • Smoke detectors must be installed inside and outside of all bedrooms, on every level and be in working order. Information on Smoke Detectors
  • Fire extinguisher missing or not annually serviced.
  • Overloaded outlets or extension cords.
  • Windows and doors that don’t open or close properly.
  • Missing or broken windows and screens.
  • Exposed electrical wire.
  • Ground fault outlets (GFCI) missing or wired incorrectly in kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Cover plates on outlets and switches are missing or broken.
  • Loose floor coverings.
  • Handrails and guardrails missing or not securely attached.
  • Exterior weather protection or paint missing or deteriorated.
  • General upkeep of exterior (rotted or missing siding or trim, etc.)
  • Foundation tight with no holes or cracks.
  • Peeling paint on interior and exterior.
  • Chimneys and exterior appendages are in good repair.
  • Roof covering is in good repair.
  • Mechanical systems (furnace, water heater) are installed and working properly.
  • Trash and recycling containers are present and stored in rear yard.
  • House numbers and owner’s placard must be clearly visible.
  • Junk on porches or in yards must be removed.
  • Upholstered furniture on open porches not allowed.
  • Deadbolts on all exterior doors.

Please help our neighborhoods by keeping your rental properties in good condition. For more information contact the City of Winona Inspections Department at 507-457-8231.

Rental Fees

Inspection fee will be charged per the following fee schedule effective January 1, 2020, as adopted by the Winona City Council:

C.C. Section 51 (69)

  • $83.00/each building
  • PLUS $83.00/per rental unit in building, or
  • $30.00/per sleeping room in building


Single Family Dwelling

  • $83.00/building
  • $83.00/rental unit
  • $166.00 Total


  • $83.00/building
  • $166.00/two rental unit
  • $249.00  Total

Owner-Occupied Duplex

  • $83.00/building
  • $83.00/1 rental unit
  • $166.00 Total

Sleeping Rooms

  • $83.00/building
  • $30.00/1 sleeping room
  • $113.00 Total

Complaints regarding  the issues below should be directed to the INSPECTIONS DIVISION at (507) 457-8231.
All complainants remain anonymous

Weeds/Grass must not reach 6″ in height

Section 32.03 (PDF)

Snow must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowfall ends

Section 25.13 (PDF)

Garbage not stored in an approved covered refuse container

Section 35 (PDF)

Junk Vehicles

Section 32 (PDF)

Storage of Junk/Unsafe or Unhealthy Buildings

Section 32 (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the common questions that the Inspections Division receives.  If there is any doubt, or if you have a question not listed below, please feel free to contact the Inspections Division at (507) 457-8231.

What do I need a building permit for?

All new construction, additions, remodeling, alterations and most replacements. (Any questions call Inspections at 507-457-8231 to verify).

What kind of work does not need a building permit ?

  1. Storage sheds less than 200 sq. ft.
  2. Painting, papering, tiling, cabinets, counter tops, floor coverings and similar finish work.
  3. Retaining walls not over 4 feet in height.
  4. Decks & Platforms not over 30″ above grade unless attached to a permanent structure.
  5. Prefabricated swimming pools above ground not exceeding 5,000 gallons and not more than 24″ deep.
  6. Window awnings.
  7. Moveable cases, counters and partitions not over 5 to 9 feet in height.
  8. Playground equipment.

What do I need to know about putting up a fence?

  1. Permits are not required in most cases (please call Planning/Zoning at 507-457-8250 to verify). If over 7′ or more a variance may be required).
  2. Determine your property lines by contacting a surveyor.
  3. You may put your fence up to, but not on the property line.  On street sides, it must be at least one foot back from the sidewalk.
  4. Fences may be up to 6′ high in the rear (non street side) and up to 4′ high  in the front or street sides of lot. In business and industrial zoning districts, fences may be up to 8′ in the rear yard.
  5. For corner lots, please call the Inspections Division as the height regulations and setbacks differ. In any R-district on any corner lot, no fence shall be erected or maintained within 8 feet of the corner (the point of intersection of the right-of way lines), which interferes with traffic visibility across the corner.

Placing the “nice” side toward the neighboring lot is a courtesy to neighbors, however, there is no code to require this practice.

Where are my property lines?

Property lines can best be determined by calling a surveyor.  Many surveyors are listed in the Winona Telephone Directory.  The City of Winona does not mark property lines.