Rental Housing Licenses

Common Rental Violations Checklist

Landlords are responsible to maintain rental units in compliance with codes and laws. This list includes the most common violations/complaints at rental units in the City of Winona. This is not all inclusive, but only the most frequently noted. Please “pre-inspect” your rental units prior to our appointment and routinely during tenancy.

  • At a minimum, CO detectors are required to be installed within 10’ of all bedroom doors.
    Information on Carbon Monoxide
  • Smoke detectors must be installed inside and outside of all bedrooms, on every level and be in working order. Information on Smoke Detectors
  • House numbers and owner’s placard must be clearly visible.
  • Overloaded outlets or use of improper extension cords.
  • Inoperable windows, broken windows and missing screens.
  • GFCI outlets not operating.
  • Missing cover plates on outlets and switches.
  • Junk on porches or in yards.
  • Upholstered furniture on open porches.
  • General upkeep of building exterior, rotted trim, etc.
  • Storage of garbage and recyclable containers in the front yard and left at curbside.
  • Fire extinguishers that are not annually serviced.
  • Deadbolts on all exterior doors.
  • Step rails.

Please help our neighborhoods by keeping your rental properties in good condition. For more information contact the City of Winona Inspections Department at 507-457-8231 or email staff.

Rental Housing Licenses

Rental License Application (PDF)
Rental Housing Application (Fill-in-Form)

Winona Housing Code Chapter 33A requires all rental units within the City limits to be inspected every five years on a renewal program. This is a mandatory inspection to ensure the health and safety of the occupants. Inspection fee will be collected once every 5 years for the certification inspection.

Inspection fee will be charged per the following fee schedule effective January 1, 2017, as adopted by the Winona City Council:

C.C. Section 51 (69)

  • $78.50/each building
  • PLUS $78.50/per rental unit in building, or
  • $26.25/per sleeping room in building


Single Family Dwelling

  •   $78.50/building
  • $78.50/rental unit
  • $157.00 Total


  • $78.50/building
  • $157.00/two rental unit
  • $235.50  Total

Owner-Occupied Duplex

  • $78.50/building
  • $78.50/1 rental unit
  • $157.00  Total

Sleeping Rooms

  • $78.50/building
  • $26.25/1 sleeping room
  • $104.75 Total