Ice Park

1/11/18 Update:


We’ve completed another round of farming and have some climbable ice – the Ice Park will be open for this weekend! The west side area is in decent shape, the north face is thin so be gentle and use caution if you venture that way. Farming will resume early next week to fill in the gaps and then we should have a solid base for the season.

Remember: Helmets and Crampons are required within the climbing area, please review the Ice Park Rules prior to your visit.

Climb On!

A Note for Guided Groups:

Guided groups require a permit and must meet the following criteria-
Insurance to meet or exceed MN Statutes Section 4.66.04
Guides must posses:
                ​Single Pitch Instructor
Wilderness First Aid
Guide to Participant Ratios: 1-6 max of 12 participants
Adhere to LNT Principles
Permits are free for non-commercial guided groups
There is a request process and fee for commercial guiding permits.
Group permit requests and questions can be sent to:

Ross Greedy
Outdoor Recreation Coordinator
[email protected]

Ice Park Rules

The outdoor recreation world is abuzz over the new Ice Park in Winona, which cascades hundreds of feet down the bluffs to create one of the country’s premiere climbing opportunities. The wall was created through collaboration between climbing enthusiasts, the Winona State University Outdoor Recreation Center, and the City of Winona, and the free attraction is expected to draw climbers from across the Midwest and beyond.

Until now, the city of Sandstone, Minn., was the only ice climbing location for hundreds of miles in which the ice flow was manufactured by workers with a water source. There, climbers ascend the walls of a quarry, but nowhere in the region have climbers had the opportunity to scale hundreds of vertical feet of quality ice like that found on the bluffs of Winona.

Once established, officials expect the attraction to be a significant driver for winter tourism to Winona.


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