Levee Park Patio, Levee Park

The Levee Park Patio offers a beautiful view of the Mississippi River.  It is the perfect location for special events of all kinds, big or small.  The entire space includes the entrance plaza, the circle patio, and the open area and parking lot toward the east.  Whether you utilize one or all three depends on your event details. 

ALL events booked for the levee begin with a special event application form (see link below).  The form is to be filled out by any person or group looking to utilize the space.  The special event form will help guide recreation and maintenance staff as to all details regarding portable toilets, electricity, sound, garbage, water access, and tent rules as well incorporate necessary City code and license requirements.  Each event is unique and requires approval to ensure we can accommodate the requests and that the space is available prior to reserving.  Once the application is approved, the person or group can secure the booking with payment and signing the permit contract in person on a first come, first-served basis.

Levee Park Special Event Request Application

Address: 1 Main Street

Capacity:  N/A

Daily Rental Fee from 8a-10p: $405 per day

Half Daily Rental Fee from 8a-3p OR 4p-10p: $203 per half day

Club and Non-Profit Rate:  $65 per hour

$1000 damage deposit at the time of key pick up; cash or check.