Planning & Zoning

Responsible for short-range and long-range planning implementation activities of the City and fulfillment of area wide planning requirements and administration of the zoning ordinance.

Planning Division Staff

Carlos Espinosa City Planner
Luke Sims Assistant City Planner
Jayne Meier Administrative Assistant/GIS

Fees and License Charges: (partial list)

Preliminary plat $114.00, plus $23.00 for each lot
Final plat $114.00, plus $17.00 for each lot
Wall signs, roof signs, projecting signs, church signs $47.00
Ground signs $95.00
Sidewalk sandwich signs $33.00 annual permit fee
Private property sandwich sign $33.00
Site plan application $215.00
Zoning amendment application–code amendment $498.00
Amendment to zoning map $498.00