Planning & Zoning

Responsible for short-range and long-range planning implementation activities of the City and fulfillment of area wide planning requirements and administration of the zoning ordinance.

Planning Division Staff


Carlos Espinosa City Planner [email protected]
Luke Sims Assistant City Planner [email protected]
Jayne Meier Administrative Assistant GIS [email protected]

Fees and License Charges: (partial list)

Preliminary plat $114.00, plus $23.00 for each lot
Final plat $114.00, plus $17.00 for each lot
Wall signs, roof signs, projecting signs, church signs $47.00
Ground signs $95.00
Sidewalk sandwich signs $33.00 annual permit fee
Private property sandwich sign $33.00
Site plan application $215.00
Zoning amendment application–code amendment $498.00
Amendment to zoning map $498.00