Unified Development Code

In September 2015, the City of Winona began a 1.5 year effort to update its zoning ordinance, site plan ordinance, and subdivision code. The Winona Development Code Update project will create a new Unified Development Code (UDC) that brings together development related regulations into a single chapter of the city code to provide a more consistent, integrated, and efficient means of supporting quality development in the community. This process will create a UDC that adds graphics and tables to better communicate the City’s requirements; streamlines the process for development review and approvals; resolves inconsistencies between different codes; and addresses recommendations from the City’s 2007 Comprehensive Plan. This project is necessary to update the City’s existing zoning code from 1960.

The update process extends from September of 2015 through May of 2017. The Winona Planning Commission and City Staff are working with the consultant team of Hoisington Koegler Group Inc. (HKGI) and McBride Dale Clarion (MDC) on the update project.  Detailed information on the project is available in the consultant’s Scope of Services.  The project has five main phases:

  1. Project Initiation: Sept. 2015 – Oct. 2015
  2. Code Review and Diagnosis: Oct. 2015 – Dec. 2015
  3. Annotated Code Outline: Dec. 2015 – Jan. 2016
  4. Development Code Drafting: Feb. 2016 – Feb. 2017
  5. Development Code Adoption: March – May 2017

The Planning Commission is serving as the primary advisory body to the consultant.  The final draft of the document is below:

Executive Summary

Unified Development Code 5/10/2017

Rezoning Map
Rezoning Map Closeup

A copy of the Unified Development Code is available for review in the Community Development Department of City Hall (207 Lafayette Street). Please contact City staff below with comments or questions.

Next Meeting: City Council meeting, 6:30 p.m. June 5th, 2017 in the City Council Chambers of City Hall (207 Lafayette Street).

Topic: Unified Development Code Final Draft (5/10/2017 document above)

For questions, please contact below:
Mark Moeller City Planner [email protected] 507-457-8250
Carlos Espinosa City Planner [email protected] 507-457-8250
Jeff Miller HKGI [email protected] 612-252-7123


Planning CommissionPhase UpdatesConsultant NotesDocuments

Phase 1: Complete

Thank you to the more than 30 people that participated in the series of Stakeholder Meetings on October 5th. The meetings provided valuable insights to the consulting team about what is working and not working with the current development codes. The presentation from the meetings and a summary of the discussions has been compiled and is available for review using the links below.

Phase 2: Complete

The issues and needs identified in Phase 1 are being used in Phase 2 as the consultant team completes its review of the existing codes and plans. The consultant team is currently identifying the existing codes’ strengths and weaknesses, exploring potential approaches for the update process, and researching “best practices” from similar communities in needed areas. The consultant team solicited community input on key areas during an Open House on January 12th.  The team also reviewed its findings with City Staff and the Planning Commission at a January 25th joint meeting.

Phase 3: Complete

Phase 4: In Progress