Public Works

Whether you live or work in the City of Winona, you are using the services of the Public Works Department every day. We build and maintain your streets, pump your water, and light your streets. We provide sewer services and storm drainage as well as flood protection. We also provide a compost site and a municipal airport.

Public Works Staff Directory
Keith Nelson Director of Public Works City Hall, Rm 200 457-8274 [email protected]
Tara Fjetland Administrative Assistant GIS-Public Works & Engineering City Hall, Rm 205 457-8269 [email protected]
Brian DeFrang City Engineer City Hall, Rm 205 457-8269 [email protected]
John Howard Natural Resources Sustainability Coordinator City Hall, Rm 200 457-8273 [email protected]
Brent Bunke Supt., Water Treatment Plant 1 Johnson St. 457-8272 [email protected]
Paul Drazkowski Supt., Waste Water Treatment Plant 1400 Shives Rd. 457-8207 [email protected]
Chris Kramer Tree Crew 1104 W. Third 457-8281 [email protected]
Mike Biggerstaff Supt., Street Department 1104 W. Third 457-8276 [email protected]
Amy Vanguilder Supt., Central Garage 1104 W. Third 457-8230 [email protected]
Compost Site   1815 Shives Rd. 452-1314  
Airport   Max Conrad Field 452-2220  

Street Lights Out:

If you notice a street light that is out in the City of Winona, you can contact Xcel Energy yourself by calling 800-960-6235 or report the outage online at:

Otherwise, please feel free to contact the Public Works office at 507-457-8269 with the location of the light and the issue with the light, and we will report it for you.

Decorative lights that are downtown need to be reported to the City, so please call Public Works at 507-457-8269 to report those as well.