City of Winona
Engineering Department
207 Lafayette Street, PO Box 378
City Hall, Room 205
Winona, MN 55987
Phone: (507) 457-8269

Engineering Department Staff



Brian DeFrang City Engineer (507) 457-8237 [email protected]
Tara Fjetland Administrative Assistant/GIS Technician (507) 457-8269  [email protected]
Jeanne Franz GIS Coordinator (507) 457-8236 [email protected]
Ross Koderl Tech II (507) 457-8238 [email protected]
Karl Noeldner Tech III (507) 457-8268 [email protected]
Scott Nelson Locator (507) 457-8239 [email protected]

Capital Improvements

FEMA Flood ElevationsGopher State LocatesTraffic Counts

The FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map for the City of Winona is located in the Engineering Office, Room 205, City Hall.  To determine if your property is located in a floodplain and whether or not flood insurance would be required, call the Engineering Office at (507) 457-8269.

Individiual Panel Maps can be purchased at the Engineering Office.  Due to size, the maps are unavailable online; however, you can contact [email protected] to request a map (.pdf file) be emailed to you.

Elevation Certificate must be prepared and certified by either a land surveyor, engineer, or architect who is authorized by state, or local law to certify elevation information.  Community officials who are authorized by local law or ordinance to provide floodplain management information may also sign the certificate.  To request the City to perform the necessary survey work and prepare the elevation certificate you will need to complete the Elevation Certificate Request Form-PDF  or Elevation Certificate Request Fill In Form and submit with payment of $250.00.

FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program information is available on their website:  and many of your questions may be answered in the section, “Ask the Expert”.

Gopher State One-Call is the Minnesota Underground Facility Notification Center through which a person can notify operators of underground facilities in the area of  proposed excavations and can request that the underground facilities be marked.

Just about anywhere you dig there could be buried underground utilities.  Homeowners and contractors can prevent damage to underground utilities and prevent service interruptions by calling Gopher State One-Call at least two working days prior to excavating.  GSOC takes information from callers who are digging, processes it in a computer, and notifies underground utility operators that may have utilities in the area.  The owners of the utilities will send personnel to mark and locate their utilities within two working days using the APWA Color Code below:

Communication; Cable TV
Temporary Survey Markings
White Proposed Excavation (Sidewalk Repairs)

Anyone digging in Minnesota must call before digging if using power equipment. Even when hand digging, you are encouraged to call. The person who is doing the work is responsible for calling GSOC. If the owner contracts with a professional excavator to do the excavation, then the professional excavator is responsible for calling GSOC. To request a locate, you will need to complete the information on the Locate Ticket Form or for several locates use the Multiple Locates Ticket Form. Locate requests can be faxed (1-800-236-4697) or telephoned (1-800-252-1166) to Gopher State One-Call.

The service is free. JUST CALL BEFORE YOU DIG – IT IS THE LAW.

Call GSOC at least 2 working days before you dig.

Gopher State One-Call: 1-800-252-1166 or (651) 454-0002

A new service is being offered free to members and contractors. Send your ticket information “online” over the internet. For more information about the service follow the links at to TICKETS-ON-LINE.

Traffic Counts

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