Stormwater Management

The purpose of the Stormwater Management Plan is to control or eliminate stormwater pollution, soil erosion and sedimentation within the City. Winona City Code Chapter 68 outlines the standards and specifications for erosion and sedimental control and stormwater management.

When an applicants’ project meets any one of the Project Site Requirements, you must comply with Chapter 68 prior to obtaining a building permit or subdivision approval.

Project Site Requirements:

  1. City of Winona Small Site Plan Review Checklist
  2. City of Winona Large Site Plan Review Checklist
  3. Exemptions

No building permit shall be issued nor shall a subdivision be approved until the Stormwater Management Plan has been approved or a Waiver of the Stormwater Management Plan has been granted by the Winona City Council.

Securing a Permit:


For more information:



Brian DeFrang City Engineer (507) 457-8237 [email protected]
Carlos Espinosa City Planner (507) 457-8250 [email protected]