GIS Web Mapping Application

Public Parcel Viewer

The “Public Parcel Viewer” is a land based mapping application that is available on the internet to anyone who has interest in land records within the City of Winona.  The application provides outside access to the City’s GIS parcel data set.  This application is self-service and allows people to conduct research on parcels. Directions for using the parcel viewer

Internal Parcel Viewer (login required)

The “Internal Parcel Viewer” is a user and password protected mapping application which provides user specific GIS data for City of Winona departments.

City of Winona GIS Overview

City of Winona GIS Services

The City of Winona Geographic Information Systems provides geographically based information to citizens, city staff, and other governmental units leading to better decision making and facilitating along with increasing productivity.

The City of Winona GIS maintains and provides a GIS interactive mapping application for the public. The current application allows users to interact with the map and data using tools that are developed to analyze the City’s parcel information. Additional applications will be added in the near future.


The City of Winona has made every effort to insure the accuracy of the information provided on its website. However, due to the possibility of unauthorized modification of data, transmission errors, HTML browser incompatibilities, changes made since the last update to the website, or other aspects of electronic communication that are beyond the City’s control, the City does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided in this application and is not liable for reliance on this information. Please contact the City of Winona GIS Department at 507-457-8236 to verfiy the accuracy of the data.

Map Gallery


City of Winona Truck Routes, UPDATED 8/2019

City of Winona Street Map with Address Ranges, UPDATED 2/2020

City of Winona Downtown Municipal Parking Lots, July 27, 2018


Zoning District Map UPDATE 5/2020


2020 WSU Main Campus Overlay Map pdf

2020 WSU West Campus Overlay Map pdf

Rental Housing – 30% Rule

Winona Rental Map, UPDATED 1/30/2020

Government Bodies

City of Winona Ward & Precinct Map w/ Polling Locations, UPDATED 11/2019

City of Winona Downtown Local Historic District, UPDATED 5/2019


City of Winona Parks, Facilities and Trails, UPDATED 4/2018

Prairie Island Campground Map, 6/2019

Data Requests

The City of Winona GIS provides city staff and the public with mapping services and data assistance.  Standard and customized maps are available for a fee.  For more information, please contact City of Winona GIS, [email protected] or call 507-457-8236.

Standard Map Fees:

Includes copies of existing, non-draft, non-proprietary maps used by the city.  Copies on standard media.

8-1/2 x 11      $3.00
11 x 17           $5.00
18 x 24          $8.00
24 x 36          $13.00
34 x 44          $16.00