Community Service Officer

Under general supervision, this service position performs enforcement of parking control, maintenance of law and order, the detection and prevention of crime, and the direction and control of citizen and motor vehicle traffic. This position also assists in the maintenance of an effective animal control program.

The essential functions of the position include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Enforce parking ordinances.
  • Impounds abandoned/lost bicycles and other items as assigned.
  • Oversees the bicycle registration program.
  • Assists Animal Control, the Community Liaison, Investigations, Patrol Officers and general administrative duties.
  • Enforces ordinances and other laws that do not require a licensed police officer and are non-hazardous to personal safety.
  • Reports dangerous street conditions, missing street identification and regulatory signs, defective streetlights and observable ordinance or statutory violations.
  • Writes complete and legible reports, detailing activities and actions.
  • Handles complaints in person and over the phone.
  • Testifies in Court.
  • Provides information to the public regarding parking regulations and facilities, and the location of streets, buildings and points of interest.
  • Assists with traffic control when necessary.
  • Performs other duties as requested.

Parking complaints should be reported to our non-emergency dispatch at 507-457-6492.