Parking Control

Parking citations may be paid at the police department front desk, between 7:30AM to 3:30PM, Monday through Friday. Payment for a citation(s) may also be mailed or dropped in the drop box near the front doors of the Law Enforcement Center; include the citation along with your payment in an envelope. We accept cash, check or credit card when paying at the Police Department. We do not accept payment over the phone.

When paying in person at the Police Department make sure you have either your ticket number or license plate number.

Fines are due seven days after the citation is issued. Failure to pay the fine may result in a criminal charge. Call 507-457-6302 if you have questions about a citation or email Kristy at [email protected]

Per Winona City ordinance, “any vehicle which is moved and reparked in the same block, alley or lot during (stated time period) shall be deemed to have remained stationary.”

If a vehicle has five or more unpaid parking tickets, the vehicle is subject to impound.

Click here to view the city’s Municipal Parking Lots