– New squad design for 2020 –

The patrol division is the largest unit in the police department.  It is staffed with 29 police officers covering three shifts. Officers provide day-to-day service to the citizens of Winona responding to calls for service, as well as conducting preliminary investigations and enforcing traffic laws.

Since 1997, the Winona Police Department practices the Community Policing philosophy in order to build ties and form close working relationships with members of the community.  This improves officers’ understanding of the community and their ability to problem-solve.  Thanks to this effort, crime within the city has decreased.

One way the patrol division maintains relationships is through citizen ride-alongs.  Community members are encouraged to participate and application forms are available at the police department front desk.

– Goose –
Summer, 2018

In November, 2017, Officer Inglett was selected as the next K9 handler for the Winona Police Department. This follows the retirement of K9 Neko after a very successful nine-year career with Officer Barrientos.  Officer Inglett traveled to St Paul, MN to pick up “Dhinny,” a 14 month old Belgian Malinois specifically selected for the Winona Police Department. He was imported to the United States from Belgium and after returning to Winona to live with Officer Inglett, his name was changed to “Goose”.

Officer Inglett and Goose successfully completed a 12-week basic patrol dog program through the St. Paul Police Department Canine School. This initial training included tracking, building searches, obedience, agility, area searches, article searches, bite work and handler protection.  Officer Inglett and Goose returned to the St. Paul Police Department Canine School and successfully completed a three week narcotics detection training. Goose is certified to locate marijuana, cocaine, crack-cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin.

– Neko –
January, 2015

K9 Neko served the city of Winona from March, 2009 to April, 2018.

The Winona Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is responsible for conducting follow-up on major crimes and is staffed by eight investigators. The division is overseen by Deputy Chief Tom Williams. During the school year, one investigator is also assigned to Winona Area Public Schools as a school resource officer.  Investigators handle criminal cases involving: Felony Theft, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Child Abuse/Neglect, Burglary, Robbery, Drug Crimes, Assaults.

If you have questions or wish to provide additional information to an investigator assigned to your complaint, you may contact the investigator directly or through the department’s support staff at 507-457-6295.

The Animal Control Officer enforces animal control related city ordinances and state statutes for domestic animals within the city limits of Winona. Duties also include patrolling city streets, answering citizen complaints and maintaining accurate records.

No person shall permit their animal to be in a public park without the express written consent of the City Manager or a designated representative; except in the following areas: Island Dog Trail, Prairie Island Camp Ground, Aghaming Park, City Dog Park, Lake Park and the West Lake bike path. The Police K9 Unit dog is exempt. Refer to City Ordinance Chapter 36 for additional information on rules/laws for domestic animals living within the city limits of Winona.

Information on dogs in Lake Park

City Ordinance 36.13 states that “all pet owners in the City of Winona must have a current city pet license.” Contact the Finance Department at Winona City Hall to obtain your license, 507-457-8262.

Nuisance/Wildlife – Reliable Pest Management – 877-864-8115
Winona Area Humane Society – 507-452-3135
DNR Information Line – 800-766-6000
Fish and Wildlife – 507-452-4232
Wildlife Rehab Center of MN – 651-486-9453
Rabies Information – MN Dept of Health 651-201-5414 or 877-676-5414

Wendy Peterson – 507-457-6294 – Send a Message

The Animal Control officer works Monday – Friday 7:30 – 4:00 and voicemails are checked only during these hours. If you need immediate assistance with an animal control issue, please contact dispatch (non-emergency) at 507-457-6492.

The Community Liaison Officer performs outreach in the community in order to educate and increase understanding of the police department. It is the goal of the Community Liaison to improve police services by establishing relationships with the many individuals and organizations who play a role in Winona’s public safety.

Contact Officer Klinger if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any of the following: Crime Prevention, Neighborhood Watch, Predatory Offenders in Winona, Alcohol and Drug Prevention, Safety talks, Scams/Identity Theft, National Night Out.

Officer Bridget Klinger – 507-457-6249

The Community Outreach Officers are tasked with creating and strengthening relationships with community businesses, groups and individual members. Relieved of patrol responsibilities, these officers meet with the Chamber of Commerce, visit elementary schools and small business owners to better understand concerns that exist in the community. As a result the police department can be more responsive to problem areas and issues, and take proactive action in order to improve the quality of life.

Officer Anita Sobotta – Send a Message
Officer Bradley Barrientos – Send a Message

The Winona Police Reserves consist of a group of people that volunteer their time to help serve the City of Winona. Reserve officers assist the police department with a variety of duties including but not limited to parades, community events, ride alongs and training.

The Winona Police Reserves are required to be 18 years of age or older, possess a valid driver’s license, pass a background and interview process, attend monthly and annual mandatory meetings and trainings. The Police Reserve program is not only ideal for those wanting to make a career in Law Enforcement but also for citizens that want to help make their community a safer place while actively being involved with the police department.

All event requests are subject to approval by the City of Winona and/or the Winona Police Department. The Winona Police Reserves provide services only for events open to the public or for the greater interest of the city.

We strongly recommend that all reserve requests be submitted at least 30 days in advance. Volunteer availability may affect fulfilling any request. Requests for reserves submitted less than one week in advance will usually be denied.

DONATIONS: This program is minimally funded by the City of Winona and relies heavily on donations from the organizations that utilize their services. Donations are not required, but are always appreciated, especially if an organization requests services on a regular basis.

To request reserves, contact:
Officer Anita Sobotta – Send a Message
Officer Tyler Sense – 507-457-6302
CSO Jackie Heiden – Send a Message