Police Reserve Program


To Request Reserves    
Officer Anita Sobotta   [email protected]
Officer Tyler Sense   [email protected]
CSO Jackie Heiden   [email protected]

The Winona Police Reserves consist of a group of people that volunteer their time to help serve the City of Winona. Reserve officers assist the police department with a variety of duties including but not limited to parades, community events, ride alongs and training.

The Winona Police Reserves are required to be 18 years of age or older, possess a valid driver’s license, pass a background and interview process, attend monthly and annual mandatory meetings and trainings. The Police Reserve program is not only ideal for those wanting to make a career in Law Enforcement but also for citizens that want to help make their community a safer place while actively being involved with the police department.

Things we won’t do:

  • Private Parties
  • Private Political Events
  • Private Security

All event requests are subject to approval by the City of Winona and/or the Winona Police Department. We provide services only for events open to the public or for the greater interest of the city.

We strongly recommend that all reserve requests be submitted at least 30 days in advance. This will provide the best chance of filling your requirements. There is no guarantee (implied or otherwise) that any event can be accommodated. It’s all based on the schedules of our volunteer staff. Requests for reserves, submitted less than one week in advance, will usually be denied.

DONATIONS: This program is minimally funded by the City of Winona and relies heavily on donations from the organizations that utilize their services. Donations are not required, but are always appreciated, especially if an organization requests services on a regular basis.