Activity Council

The Activity Council is the current membership of the Friendship Center. They nominate and vote into place, annually, the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors meets monthly to discuss programs, operations and goals of the Center. They are an advisory group to the Friendship Center staff.

Vision: Every adult 55 and older in the Winona area will be an active member.

Mission: To provide leadership by advising staff on programs, community involvement by participating & networking in the community, and financial support by fundraising.

2017 AC Board of Directors

Roxanne Kohner, President, 2015-2017               Gloria Hammond, Vice-President, 2015-2107
Sharon Miller, Secretary, 2016-2018                    Jean Dowd, Treasurer, 2015-2019
Bill Bellman, At Large, 2015-2017                         William Roth, At Large, 2015-2017
Sonya Kratch, At Large, 2015-2017                    Alan Leonhardt, At Large, 2016-2018               Judy Wagenaar, At Large 2016-2018


Articles of Incorporation (PDF)

WFCAC Bylaws 2015