Ice Climbing Wall

The Winona Ice Climbing Park is now closed for the season.
Thanks for a great winter of climbing; see you next year!

The outdoor recreation world is abuzz over the new ice climbing wall in Winona, which cascades hundreds of feet down the bluffs to create one of the country’s premiere climbing opportunities. The wall was created through collaboration between climbing enthusiasts, the Winona State University Outdoor Recreation Center, and the City of Winona, and the free attraction is expected to draw climbers from across the Midwest and beyond.

Until now, the city of Sandstone, Minn., was the only ice climbing location for hundreds of miles in which the ice flow was manufactured by workers with a water source. There, climbers ascend the walls of a quarry, but nowhere in the region have climbers had the opportunity to scale hundreds of vertical feet of quality ice like that found on the bluffs of Winona.

Once established, officials expect the attraction to be a significant driver for winter tourism to Winona.