Wireless HotSpot

The City of Winona provides free public wireless internet access at the following locations:

  1. Winona City Hall
  2. Winona Public Library
  3. Levee Park
  4. Lake Lodge Recreation Center
  5. Prairie Island Campground

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Free Public Wireless Locations

Bob Welch Aquatic Center

Bob Welch Aquatic Center

Since it opened in 1990, the Aquatic Center has been the hottest spot for Winona summer fun thanks to its refreshingly cool water and multi-age amenities. Now it’s a hot spot for staying connected to the world too thanks to funding from the Blandin Foundation.

Named after Winona’s longtime Park and Recreation director, the Bob Welch Aquatic Center boasts an Olympic-size swimming pool, zero-depth wading area, multi-age playground, and a waterslide that twists and turns for 200 thrilling feet. Shady lawns, a sunny pool deck and the sounds of laughter make a day at the Aquatic Center Winona’s favorite way to spend a summer day and get connected to the community.

City Hall

City Hall

From the time its Biesanz stone foundation was laid in 1938, City Hall has been the epicenter for governance of the City of Winona, connected to everything that makes this island city great. Now City Hall can also connect you to the world with free Wi-Fi thanks to funding from the Blandin Foundation.

When the building was christened in 1939, it housed all city operations including the police department and water department, a community room for Municipal Band rehearsals, and even a tramp room for transients. Newsmen of the day opined that the stately façade added a distinctly modern touch to Winona and promised the building would serve the community for many years to come. Today City Hall adds a distinctly historic touch to downtown, but continues to serve the community well with centralized services, visionary thinking, and now, global connectivity.

Lake Lodge Recreation Center

Lake Lodge

From the time the first permanent comfort station and boat house was erected here in 1924, Lake Lodge has been the hub of activity for one of the most beautiful and cherished parks west of the Mississippi. Now Lake Lodge is not just a hot spot for recreation, it is a hotspot for staying connected to the world even when you are at play thanks to funding from the Blandin Foundation.

Winona forefathers promised in 1900 that Lake Park would be “a crowning landscape glory” once they were finished with it, and that Winona’s park system would be one of the most beautiful and elaborate in the West. Today that promise has been realized on the shores of Lake Winona, where picturesque paths wind through towering hardwoods, kayaks paint bullets of color across calm water, and the lodge offers not only a doorway to recreation but a doorway to the world with its Wi-Fi connectivity.

Levee Park

Levee Park

The Mighty Mississippi has connected Winona to the world via this shoreline for a millennium. From the bark canoes of native Dakota residents to the paddle wheel steamers of white immigration, this spot has always been the gateway to everything Winona has to offer.

Times have changed since the first paths were paved here a century ago — Paddle wheelers have been replaced by cabin cruisers, and the levee has been reconstructed upward to keep flood waters from encroaching. But one thing remains the same: Levee Park’s flower-rimmed paths, shady trees, and sculptural details make it among the most pastoral waterfront parks on the Upper Mississippi. Now free Wi-Fi makes it one of the hottest spots on the river for connecting to the world thanks to funding from the Blandin Foundation.


Prairie Island Campground

Visit Prairie Island Campground